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    Hi all,

    Now that we're nearing the end of the pool stages, most of us will be trying to work out what we need to do to ensure a place in the quarter finals so I thought it might be useful to create a database application that would calculate the Pool standings as well as the overall standings.

    The main purpose of this application is to allow you to enter what you think will be the results of the fixtures that have yet to be played. I've already entered all of the fixtures and results to date.

    I built it in Microsoft Access so anyone with Microsoft Office should be able to use the application. It should be fairly straightforward to use but here are some basic instructions just in case.


    1. Download the Pool Predictor here (I would've attached it to this post but the site won't allow a ZIP file over 97.7KB)
    2. Open the Pool Predictor in Microsoft Access
    3. Click Enable Content in the yellow bar just below the ribbon if prompted
    4. Rounds should be selected by default when you open the application
    5. Navigate to the round you'd like to enter results for using the arrows at the top of the form
    a. You just need to enter the number of Tries, Conversions, Penalties and Drop Goals. The score, match points, bonus points, etc. will then be automatically calculated
    6. Click Tables for a list of the Pool Tables or Overall for a list of the top 8 teams across all Pools to see how your predicted results will affect the Tables / Overall standings

    Hope it helps settle a few arguments although knowing ye, it’ll probably act as a catalyst for a few new ones

    All feedback / suggestions welcome!

    Hope ye're having a nice Christmas (Sending Leinster back to Dublin with nothing always helps )

    - Fixed a bug where the Pool Tables / Overall Standings would calculate incorrectly in the event of a team getting the exact same scoreline against more than one opponent
    - Added functionality so that the application will default to the last Round that the user updated instead of always reverting back to Round 1 (This is useful when frequently moving between the Rounds form and the Tables / Overall reports)
    - Updated Results


      I've updated the database with the results from round 5. If I guessed the results from round 6 correctly, we'll be playing Connacht at home in the QF


        nice job Lenihan!