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Your thoughts before the season closes 2014/15

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    Your thoughts before the season closes 2014/15

    Thought now would be a good time to gather together the opinions before we've won or lost anything.

    Stand out things:
    Billy Holland
    Duncan Williams
    Munster in the second half of most games, we seem to be able to improve after the cup of tea or even change up the gameplan

    Future heroes:
    Ronan OMahony
    Duncan Casey

    Happiest moments:
    Denis Hurley in Lansdowne Road smashing all round him
    Our scrum, outside of the clermont and sarries games
    The fact that TWO munster tries were shortlisted for tries of the season
    Munster inside the opposition 22 are nigh on irrepressible to all bar 3 or 4 sides in any NH competition
    when you look at the 25 top players its a good age profile, Paulie is the glaring one but that day comes to all players.

    If a pack can contain us we haven't a game changing play, or escapologist tweak available, yet.
    We still look a little threadbare at 3
    We need an 80%+ goal kicker

    I personally think the munster machine is starting to find traction, and knows what it wants to do and how to go about it. Can't wait to see what happens this month and look forward to the following season more than I have in quite a while

    I am the million man.

    Positives: CJ, TOD, Holland, John Ryan, Conway, ROM
    Winning when playing poorly. Double over Leinster. Not loosing away to Ulster and Scarlets when so many did. Defence has been impressive by and large.

    Negatives: No plan B, Copeland's injury, an inability to perform against their bogey team the Ospreys. Munster have a poor record against them. Keatley's inconsistency.

    Future: Backs have shown some impressive outings namely; Glasgow and Ulster at home and Leinster away. They are still cautious and not willing to be adventurous at times though. Hopefully Saili will push things on. Plenty of young lads around the squad now. Next season.... JOD breaking into the Pro12 team. John Madigan getting a few matches. Tyler settling in to the team.
    He's a guy who gets up at six o'clock in the morning regardless of what time it is.


      Cowboy- Sitting in the appalling stadium that is the Aviva outnumbered 50 to 1 and beating the ladyeez despite 4 sequential yellows was one of the highlights of my year.

      Players to watch for the future-- would add McCarthy (no hype-just looked like the real thing).

      Worries: I am willing to go so far on the happy train BUT we need a big injection of quality in our 10 and our back play is below par given the skills of Earls, Zebo et al.

      Worst moment: hearing JJ was definitely on the boat to England

      Most surprising moment: the unbelievable welcoming atmosphere in Ravenhill. SUFTUM
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      Has Fineen put Johnny down yet?


        Cowboy I Believe!
        Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale


          I've no basis for it, but part of me wonders is our goal kicking solution wearing 9 for us and Ireland? Nothing seems to phase him.
          I am the million man.


            Our scrum. Its really coming along nicely. JOD looks a prospect. CJ delivering. TOD back. Murray up a gear. Hurley filled a gap. Earls back. ROM coming through. Felix got a lot better.
            downsides are worries over our 10. Poor game management etc. Killer off the pace a small bit. Smith not what i had hoped for.

            we'll be grand next season.
            So I walked as day was dawning
            Where small birds sang and leaves were falling
            Where we once watched the row boats landing
            By the broad majestic shannon


              Positive: The Rugby Stadium Formerly Known As Musgrave Park.

              Really enjoyed my night at the Cardiff match. Having two grounds is a Munster solution to a Munster tradition, and I hope that it get a fair share of decent matches next season, and we'd better win them.
              "I don't believe in fairytales," O'Connell once told me, "even though it feels like I've been lucky enough to live through a few. However it ends, I'll feel lucky."
              Donald McRae, Guardian Rugby, October 2015


                Originally posted by Cowboy View Post
                I've no basis for it, but part of me wonders is our goal kicking solution wearing 9 for us and Ireland? Nothing seems to phase him.
                It'd be worth a punt. Doubtless Naomh Joe is already onto it. Not even interminable phase-play phases Conor. Can we hold on to him is the question that bothers me.
                The Munster Scrum is the positive of the season in my view from which all else proceeds.
                Jimmy's not winning matches, forwards win games.
                Gwan Joe!!


                  Very well said BW! We've two grounds to be proud of IMO and one support base to be extremely proud of!
                  I am the million man.


                    Originally posted by Cowboy View Post
                    I've no basis for it, but part of me wonders is our goal kicking solution wearing 9 for us and Ireland? Nothing seems to phase him.
                    It isn't the goal kicking that bothers me--it's the game management. While Keats looked the part superficially-kicked his penalties yadda yadda on Saturday, there was a chasm of a difference between the plays when Jackson had the ball and when Keats did.
                    Has Fineen put Johnny down yet?


                      Originally posted by FORWARD.... View Post
                      It isn't the goal kicking that bothers me--it's the game management. While Keats looked the part superficially-kicked his penalties yadda yadda on Saturday, there was a chasm of a difference between the plays when Jackson had the ball and when Keats did.
                      And it's the goal kicking that's annoyed me this season! He nailed his European kicks in fairness to him but I'd worry about his percentages in the league.

                      I think Munster went up to do a job last weekend and I'd hope they'll cut loose when the time is right (pure Axel)
                      I am the million man.


                        John Ryan looking good, Not strong like the gym manufactured strength, Good old fashioned munster forward strength.


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                            Duncan x 2, Billy H, CJ, Pat Howard, Earlsie, Guinazu, Cronins improvement and Archer, return of Angryman, especially JOD all huge positives for me. Beating Leinster home and away for first time in 5-6 years also great. Keatleys drop goal v Sale. Winning ugly and having confidence to fight to the end, e.g. Scarlets away. Away record in Pro12. Being competitive in the league.

                            Lows? European campaign overall despite that it was group of death, the leaked email, people calling for Axel's head within a couple of games. Inconsistency at 10, news of JJs departure
                            "There are a lot of points that we’ve left behind and this is with a young group. That probably tells you what they’re capable of and that they’re a very good side.

                            Probably next year or the year after next they will take some stopping"

                            Anthony Foley, May 2016. Axel RIP


                              Positives - JOD burst onto the scene. I remember seeing him score a try, and the first thing I remember thinking was, just how proud his family/club/old coaches etc. would have been. So much work goes into these guys before they get near a professional team, and to see how well he's done so quickly, must have been pretty amazing.

                              CJ just being a massive stand out.

                              Seeing Keatley start for Ireland, he mightn't be the most talented out half out there, but he tries and has put in a lot of hard work so getting that call up and starting in the 6 Nations was well deserved for all the work he's put in.

                              Earls come back so strong after injury,
                              The games in Cork, back with such a fantastic atmosphere.

                              Strangely..Duncan Williams surpassed any expectations I had of him. So good for him.

                              Oh and of course..Beating Leinster..twice.

                              Lows - Obviously, Europe, and the manner of the loss. As naive as it sounds, the hope and faith and the complete will to win, didn't matter, and that was sad. It was almost like we were stripped of a super power.

                              This whole new competition, the bullies won and that still leaves a bitter taste.

                              The inconsistency at 10. Keatley's goal kicking papers over the cracks at times, when it comes to h
                              is game management as it isn't where it should be, and has been so inconsistent.

                              JJ, hearing he was definitely leaving was like a punch to the stomach.

                              The way the season started with the emails, the back room team being appointed, none of which gave much confidence, thankfully things improved.

                              The complete lack of plan b. I remember the complete frustration watching the Clermont game, no issue being beaten by a better team, but or inability to play change things up and adapt was very frustarting to watch. It was like it was his way or no way. We had no back up plan and that was pretty hard to watch.

                              Going forward.
                              Our backs are starting to look like strong options and we've a few players in the forwards as well who are coming through and it's exciting to think about it. But until we sort out the out half situation we'll struggle in Europe.

                              We need a strong game manager. I think at this point of Keatley's career, we've gotten the most out of him we can. But unless we have an out half that can comfortably and consistently control the game, we won't compete strongly in Europe. Hopefully Tyler will be the answer to the problem.

                              But mostly I hope we move forward and progress. We all know we can't financially compete with the big spenders, but we need to keep moving on as a club, we need to continue to try and get the most out of the team and to develop new players.

                              Oh and I would also like to see more games in Cork.
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                              The Maul is Back!! LONG LIVE THE MAUL!!

                              Stringer is bigger even than his own immense shadow. Pound for pound, he is the best tackler in the world. If you put him into bag of cats he\'d come out without a scratch. He was hit very late for Murphy\'s try. And when he got up, as we knew he would, the crowd cried his name as if he had just fixed the economy.Billy Keane-After Munster\'s famous loss to the AB\'s.

                              The Bull-Truly irreplaceable, a mountain of a man. 100 caps!!