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Confirmed French Clubs Pull Out

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    Confirmed French Clubs Pull Out

    French clubs will not take part in next seasons Heineken Cup

    Bagáiste ar phriacal an úinéara.


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        If the English clubs follow suit, they should be told that they cannot take part in this season's semi finals and finals.



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            Roll out the legal eagles to sort this out - surely the contracts must have something in them to prevent boycotts.


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                Itmeans that it isprobably the end of the road for the best club rugby tournament in the world and the ENGLISH are more to blame for it than the French they are a disgrace to the game of rugby ..... The French had a reason for not taking part in next seasons Heineken Cup the ENGLISH clubs had no reason to boycott it .... what they failed to do in 1999 they will probably have success this time



                  Originally posted by michael
                  If the English clubs follow suit, they should be told that they cannot take part in this season's semi finals and finals.

                  would that make llanelli the winners or would leinster get in by dafault
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                    Originally posted by Paddy Whac
                    Roll out the legal eagles to sort this out - surely the contracts must have something in them to prevent boycotts.

                    Some of these issues were addressed in the wake of the English boycott, but the so-called Paris Accord is now in its final months. The old arguments about who runs what, why they run it and for whose benefit have been reignited with a vengeance over the last year, and with no settlement in sight, the French have taken it upon themselves to bring matters to a head.





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                        Award thetrophy to Llanelli by default and don't give the moneygrabbers any cash from this season, let 'em fight it out in the courts.


                          <h3>French clubs confirm their Heineken boycott</h3>
                          <h5>Thursday 5th April 2007</h5>

                          clubs have confirmed their boycott of next season's Heineken Cup and
                          European Challenge Cup competitions following a meeting in Paris.
                          England's Guinness Premiership clubs are now expected to follow suit.

                          Clubs chief Serge Blanco made the announcement to journalists at
                          Paris Orly Airport Hotel, where the board of Ligue Nationale de Rugby
                          have been meeting all day.

                          The boycott threat was first made in January, but it will now be carried out following a 14-3 vote in favour.

                          England's Guinness Premiership clubs are expected to follow
                          suit, after they announced earlier this week they would fully support
                          any French withdrawal, effectively ending next season's tournaments as
                          viable propositions.

                          Both the French and English clubs are furious about a
                          shareholding issue in European Rugby Cup between Premier Rugby and the
                          Rugby Football Union.

                          Premier Rugby say an agreement was reached in principle last
                          October for the RFU to hand over some of their ERC shares to them as
                          part of a new tournament accord.

                          The RFU have consistently denied any such agreement was in place.

                          English clubs believe the Heineken Cup would not be a worthwhile
                          competition without the French, and confirmation of an English pull-out
                          is expected shortly.

                          The news will be a hammer blow not only to ERC, who are likely
                          to lose broadcasters and sponsors as a result of the French action, but
                          also competing Celtic teams, who face a potential cash crisis as a

                          It had been hoped that French Rugby Federation president Bernard
                          Lapasset could have swayed the clubs into a rethink, but that has not

                          French and English clubs have won nine out of the 11 Heineken
                          Cup finals between them. The only exceptions were Ulster (1999) and
                          Munster (2006).
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                          Any reproduction, publication or redistribution of this material


                            This is a potential disaster for Irish rugby. It's the Mary Harney recipe for two-tier NH rugby based on ability to pay (ie the size of your TV audience) Celtic nations cannot compete with the French and English TV audiences.

                            Can't see how Borders can be saved now with the SRFU facing further loss of revenue,The clock is ticking now for Connacht. IRFU will face a big loss of income. Who'll pay for our players now?

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                              we should pull out of the Six Nations, in fact Scotland, Wales Italy should. Lets go all the way and put that gun to their heads.
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