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    squad/team for rest of season

    I think that for the remainder of this season we should be doing all we can to develop as many of our so called second team.After all we have nothing really left to play for a our qualifaction for next years HEINEKEN CUP IS ALL BUT GUARNTEED.Playing guys like the bull,Marcus our two second rows 3 back rows and rog and strings in the remaining games is pointless in my opinion.These guys have already had a tough season and still have world cup training camps,world cup warm ups and the world cup itself yet to come and then straight back into next seasons heineken cup and magners league.The break would be welcome for these guys in praticular and would give them some well needed rest.

    We have some high quality players in our squad who have been chomping at the bit all season for their chance to play and now surely is their chance.guys like tony Buckley ,Darragh Hurley and timmy ryan in the front row Donnadcha ryan and shane o connor in the second row and JOS IN the back row now need to step to the mark and give Kidney some options for next year.We need to decide once and for all where we are going to play TOL going forward and i am firmly of the opinion that it is on he wing and never at scrum half.His passing is not up to the level required .Keith earls is another who should get some game time under his belt.Brian Carney also should play in the remaining games to help him readjust to union.

    Looking forward to next year we need to trust in our youth but we lso need to bring in some high quality replacements in the back line especially and not guys that are the wrong side of 30 and looking for one last big payday.A Full back center and at least one speedy winger is required.The glory days will return folks rember people have been writing us off for years and year after year we keep comming back.To the brave and faithfull nothing is impossible.
    Grow the club to 10000 full members and theyll all have heineken cup tickets.....yeadh right lying b******s

    Ah yeah I agree, give the second string a run out for the remainder of the games. Its neither here nor there anymore. Mid table obscurity is the best or worst we can hope for. Buckley and Carney need as many games as possible. Hayes, Horan, DOC etc do not.


      Dont agree for the backs at least. We need to keep a minimum of the
      team intact as the fringe players you've talked about will not benefit
      from playing in a 2nd string team. That means ROG & Strings playing
      with B. Murphy, MAFI, Dowling, Carney & perhaps TOL on the wing at
      least in a couple of those games. It's probably time to draw a line
      under the TOL, Hickey/Manning half back combo esp since Warwick is
      probably a better OH than either of those 2. Kelly, Cullen, Horgan,
      Halstead & Payne will probably not be here next season so apart
      from being given a proper send-off at MP, they should be used only when
      no other option exists.

      The pack is a diff story & you're right here, certain players should not play again this season.

      EOS should send the order down for Leamy to not play another second
      this season. he has been overplayed & is now nowhere near his best.
      If we want him to be back his impressive best next season, he needs a
      good long rest. J O'Sullivan is a very able deputy so it's not a big
      ask. Ryan should be given a chance to develop a partnership with both
      DOC & MOD. As you say the FR bar Flannery could do with a rest.
      Wallace who's on fire could maybe play another couple of games but
      should also be used sparingly.
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        We need to bring on the fringe players in the remainder of the season but with a good representation from the first 15.

        A point was made on the ferry back from Wales was would Eoin Hickey make a decent fullback - he has the boot, is pretty strong and has a good break (but maybe lacks the vision for 10 ?), trying it for a couple of games this season would be worth a go.

        Earls/JOC/Carney/Hurley all need some good game time surrounded with experience.

        If we are looking for a centre for next season why aren't we looking to Brian Touhy who has done great since he went to Rotherham (English 1st division I know) but he one of the young players thatnever got a proper go of it in the Munster setup.

        As for next season on we really need to take the ML seriously we just can't expect to turn on our performances for the HC whilst doing nothing in most of the other games.Even in games where we had a strong squad we under performed this season despite POC's post HC comments (the Ulster 2nd half was one of the few exceptions).

        Whilst this weekend has been painful to endure we should look on it as an opportunity to build for the future and we are still European champions for the next couple of months - we'd have taken that this time last year.

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          Apparently Touhy did not have the best of relationships with some of the coaches so we can rule that one out. Can't see Hickey making a full-back. I'd hate to have to rely on him making any last ditch tackles, it's not exactly his strength. To my eyes, he seems like a player with a big boot and little else.



            A pack of Horan,Fla,Buckley/Ryan,Ryan,DOC/MOD,Quinnie,JOS,McGann/Walla ce should play the bulk of games-This will ensure the backline will get plenty of quality ball Strings and ROG should play some part as well with Carney,Beast, Mafi/Murphy,Earls and Hurley. The likes of Cronin and the other Hurley could come in for game time here also.


              Would personally like to see a FB blooded - either Mossie or Hurley, try Mafi, TOL and Carney on wings and play Dowling @ 12 with BM @ 13. Also have Earls on bench to try at wing initially and centre if going well.

              At half back, Manning as OH with anyone but TOL. Hickey as back up!!!

              For the pack, JOS @ 8, Quinlan @6 and McGann @ 7. MOD and D.Ryan for second row with SOC as cover.

              Front row from T.Ryan, Hurley, Cronin, Fogarty, Flannery, Sheahan, Buckley and McGovern. Puc also but after these.

              Don't see any point playing Payne, Cullen, Rags, A.Horgan, the Beast as they may not be here next year. Halfbacks and pack should be rested allowing the development of the younger players.

              Hope that great efforts are being made to sign an inside centre, bar Warwick fits the bill and a class mid 20s FB.
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                couldnt agree more, lads like Hurley, Buckley and Ryan should be given some game time, dont want to lose players next season cos their left on the bench now for the ML,



                  didnt barry murphy play full back when he started his first few celtic league games last year?

                  we could try warwick at 12? lewis at 13 carney and mafi on the wings and murphy at full back



                    ROG shouldn't play again this year. I'd start Manning with Stringer in every game with Hickey to come on with 30 to go or vice versa, with a reasonably full strength pack ahead of them

                    And let them know they have to step up to the mark. If neither does, then we look elsewhere for next season (Warwick being an obvious candidate). Only way I'd look beyond that is if we considered Hickey at 12.

                    Buckley should be played, as should D.Ryan, as should JOS.

                    Either Halstead commits now, or we give him a good send off. Give him a run in the last game of the season and say sayonara.

                    Carney to start every game, and Mossie to 15.

                    Knowing when to draw a line under players is a key part of squad development and management. We should concentrate the remaining games (and friendlies next year) on the players with question marks around them - TOL, Hickey, Manning, Mossie. At least we'd know by next year who's likely to come through.

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                      Top class players need games, not rest.

                      They are very fit and physically strong.



                        I was wondering could Carney have a go at 12.

                        Hes strong enough?

                        Would it be a waste of his pace?

                        Flip side is if he got past the first tackle hed be gone 40 metres everytime.


                          Jimmy Barry Murphy to centre half forward?[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]


                            Why not experiment now DG? Season is effectively over and we need to develop some optionsto fill in forHorgan, Cullen, JK etc. Time to give guys like Earls, Carney, Gleeson a chance to show what they can do.
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                              Originally posted by sewa
                              ...Time to give guys like Earls, Carney, Gleeson a chance to show what they can do.
                              Yes I agree, let's give them a shot. Carney however is a winger and nothing else. Earls is a centre/wing, and Gleeson a 15 only afaik.

                              Yes give them games certainly, but play them in their correct positions.

                              The GAA style switching suggested often on here is a comedy.