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    The Exodus begins.......

    I got this from a friend:-

    In a Press release issued today, Munster Rugby announced that their
    long-serving player, John Kelly, will leave at the end of the season
    and join Connacht on a one-year contract. </font>

    John Kelly has been an ever present player in the Munster senior
    squad since he made his debut in October 1997 against Cardiff in Cork.
    He has played in three Heineken European Finals with Munster, finally
    achieving a winners medal in May 2006. His contribution to Munster was
    best exemplified in the famous HEC match against Gloucester in 2003,
    "The Miracle Match", in which John scored two out of the four tries
    needed to advance in the competition. Capped 17 times by Ireland in a
    career that included the 2001 tour to New Zealand and the 2003 Rugby
    World Cup inAustralia, John scored 8 tries for his country.</font>

    Commenting on the move, Munster coach Declan Kidney acknowledged the
    role played by John Kelly in Munster's success and paid tribute to John
    by saying "John's been a wonderful servant to Munster Rugby, a
    gentleman and a model pro. He's been our Mr. Reliable, cool under
    pressure and always doing the right thing at the right time. We'll
    miss him in Munster, but time moves on and it's time to build for the
    future. We wish him well with Connacht." </font>@@@@SPAN style="font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;">

    Connachtcoach Michael Bradleycommented "We are delighted to secure
    the signature of John Kelly. John will bring a wealth of experience
    and will be arole modelto our younger players. He has lots of rugby
    left in him and was keen to play a role in developing up-coming
    players. His versatility as a player will be important to us in the
    coming year. Given that we have already signed Jonny O'Connor from
    London Waspsand both Gavin Duffy and Mel Deane from Harlequins for
    next season, the Connacht squadhas been strengthened with these
    signings. We are determined to keep Connacht Rugby to the fore and
    expect to surprise a few people next season".@@@@/SPAN></font>

    Nothing on the official site. Cant see a press release like this being leaked carelessly.



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      1st April and all that

      "I don't believe in fairytales," O'Connell once told me, "even though it feels like I've been lucky enough to live through a few. However it ends, I'll feel lucky."
      Donald McRae, Guardian Rugby, October 2015



        This is a good April 1 offer:-

        New! Get FREEbroadband with Google TiSP (BETA).

        New infraction avoidance policy: a post may be described as imbecilic, but its author should never be described as an imbecile.


          For the google broadband shouldnt the RJ45 be attached directly to the boiler in the airing cupboard instead of the cistern in the jax?

          Any tech heads around?



            FINE GAEL plans to change the words of the national anthem if it is elected to the next government, the Sunday Tribune has learned.

            A top-level party committee has recommended the change, to the first line of 'Amhran Na bhFiann', in order to "best reflect the needs of the changing Ireland".

            Under the plan, the line "Sinne Fianna Fail, ata faoi gheall ag Eireann" will change to "Sinne Fine Gael, ata faoi gheall ag Eireann".

            The Fine Gael committee, chaired by Mayo councillor Tadhg O'Gormleine, argues that the use of the phrase 'Fianna Fail' in the opening line of the anthem "confers an unfair party political advantage" on its main opponents.

            "Basically since the foundation of the state, every crowd at a sporting event, every group attending a wedding, every child learning the anthem in school is singing the name of the biggest political party, " O'Gormleine told the Sunday Tribune.

            "It's no coincidence that Fianna Fail has been in power for most of that time. You wouldn't get it in Zimbabwe."

            The committee was set up in the wake of the recent IrelandEngland rugby match in Croke Park at which the national anthem received one of its most passionate renditions .

            "It was clear to me after that game that there is a new mood of national pride in the country which has been facilitated by the sporting bodies putting their traditional differences aside, " O'Gormleine said.

            "Fine Gael simply can't stand idly by and allow that pride to be associated only with Fianna Fail. It's only a small change to the anthem, but we feel that it will redress decades of unfairness."

            Changing the words of the anthem was one of two options considered by FG. The other was to abolish it entirely and hold a "You're A Star" type competition to find a new one.

            "However, RTE would have used that as an opportunity to raise money through expensive premium rate phonelines, " O'Gormleine said.

            "Fine Gael can't be seen to condone such a glaring example of Rip-off Ireland."

            If Fine Gael is elected in the forthcoming election, it will move immediately to change the anthem with a view to having it sung at all events after 1 April 2008.
            New infraction avoidance policy: a post may be described as imbecilic, but its author should never be described as an imbecile.


              Mayo councillor @@@@SPAN style="font-weight: bold;">Tadhg O'Gormleine@@@@/SPAN>[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img][img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]
              Socialise your Nazism



                Show them your medals John [img]smileys/shock.gif[/img][img]smileys/cool.gif[/img][img]smileys/biggrin.gif[/img]

                they call it \'passion\', we call it pride


                  I thought the Biarritz Northampton game wasan elaborate April Fool's Joke[img]smileys/shock.gif[/img].
                  Has Fineen put Johnny down yet?