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    Men or Supermen?

    There's been plenty of criticism about the passion showed by the
    players last night, only really walking up in the last 15 minutes. Imo,
    this is looking at things from the wrong way around. The last 15
    minutes represented the greatness of Munster rugby, in it's most
    viscreal form. This match was lost long before last night, or at least,
    it was being lost all last season and all this season.

    If we jump back to Kidney's return and look at how many "easy"
    games our front line players have played, i think we can see the last
    15 minutes and the ultimate showing for how Goddamn great these
    players are. They have won the hardest club competiton in the
    Northern Hemisphere, they have won 2 Triple Crowns, they have
    beaten the best clubs in Europe, the have gone toe to toe with New
    Zealand in New Zealand twice, the have beaten England twice, South
    Africa and Australia, they lost to a last minute try to France.

    On a personal level, a few have got married, there's one or two
    young kids running around, some are preparing for careers after
    rugby, all big committments.

    Last night we saw a team, completely wasted, burnt out, overplayed
    and outplayed still go down fighting. They scored 15 points in the last
    20 minutes against one of the best sides in Europe. This is incredible,
    other teams throw in the towel and don't want to know, these guys
    were looking for brick walls to run through.

    In the last 2 months they have lost their home record, they have lost
    their title as champions of Europe, they have lost the Grand Slam
    and the Championship and they still had the heart (and there's no
    other word for it) to go down fighting. I know I'm repeating my other
    article but these things should be repeated, last night they could have
    cried off and walked away but after 80 minutes they were still going
    for it. You ask where their passion is? There is no team, anywhere in
    the world, that will ask their front 10 to go through what these have
    been through in the last 2 seasons, for club and country, and you ask
    where the passion is?
    It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.

    Every plan I have is the best plan in the room. Everybody get quiet and listen to it, and everybody will win

    Couldn't have put it better myself, JF[img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]



      This kind of talk could get a person agitated - maybe we should organise a whip around. As I understand it, these guys are more than adequately compensated financially for their efforts. What the hell does getting married, having kids and planning their next career move have to do with anything. Are they not professionals? Playing rugby for Munster should be their only 'commitment'. Are you saying that last night's performance should be forgiven on the grounds that the poor guys have a lot on their minds? That we should be grateful that they didn't throw in the towel and walk away. Am I missing something here - is that not what they are paid for? O'Gara and Kidney have admitted that they were not hungry enough, or at least as hungry as the Scarlets or indeed Leicester before that. I wonder where the hunger went. It's time to move on.

      By the way, I hadn't realised that it was Munster who won those Triple Crowns, fought the All Blacks, beat England etc. Was that not a team wearing green?
      Time for your medicine.


        With the greatest of respect Jack, there is only so much you can
        expect a team to go through, they are simply jaded, mentally as
        much as physically.

        My point was that the majority of Munster's front 10 have been
        heavily involved in the Irish team non-stop for the last 2 years, and
        the effects have been showing for some time.

        Of course they are professionals, much like most of the posters on
        here, who never post during work hours etc. Like I said, these guys
        have other things bothering them, and while it probably doesn't affect
        them on the pitch, it's bound to affect their preparation. I realise
        getting married rarely effects non-rugby players, as it's not life
        changing or stressful, but you have to remember, these are sensitive
        people. Similarly, while having young children is much like an
        extended holiday at a health spa for most of us, the modern athlete
        just seems to find it a little draining.

        It is interesting you draw a distinction between playing for Ireland
        and playing for Munster, it obviously exists but the time is coming
        that HEC is approaching international standard intensity and it's
        unrealisitic not to expect burnout. Most of the top level players
        (Leinster's too) rarely get what might be called an easy game, they
        either are playing International where there's no easy games, or
        HEC, where there's very few, or training, which if done right, is rarely
        all that easy either.
        It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.

        Every plan I have is the best plan in the room. Everybody get quiet and listen to it, and everybody will win



          Originally posted by JoeyFantastic

          @@@@SPAN style="font-weight: bold;">Last night we saw a team, completely wasted, burnt out, overplayed
          @@@@/SPAN><br style="font-weight: bold;">@@@@SPAN style="font-weight: bold;">and outplayed still go down fighting@@@@/SPAN>.

          And yet EOS gets praise from all quarters for playing the same XV
          players constantly while every national coach is rotating constantly
          mindfull of overplaying their top players &amp; keeping things
          fresh. As happy as I am to see Wallace &amp; Leamy line out for
          Ireland, I must admit that maybe professional common sense would have
          seen the likes of Heaslip, jennings, Keogh or Gleeson start the odd
          game. Our top players are prevented from playing Magners league &amp;
          then overplayed at the highest level.

          Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again (like picking Gordon D'Arcy) and expecting different results.
          Albert Einstein


            yeah would love to see what jennings, leo cullen, stephen keogh could do in an irish shirt


              Joey you have a pointin the sense that this bunch of players, front ten as you say,have contributedmassively to some glorious results over thepast two yearsfor bothIreland and Munster and much of this was achievedwith a desperation and hunger to win that at times defied belief. I'm notsure how much mental or physical burn-out had to dowith the outcome of the game last night.Though the same bunch are playing in all the big games (and I agree that there should have been a little more rotation in the 6N) these are still among the most rested players in top level world rugby. Last night was as much due to poor execution in both the forward (accidental offsides, poorly formed mauls) and back-line play (record amount of knock-ons for Munster at this stage of the competition surely?)and tactical confusion as a mental/ physical burn-out.