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Game Plans: Sling It Wide...

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    Game Plans: Sling It Wide...

    ...And lose the ball.

    Study on breakdowns in the S15 shows going wide increases your chances of the defence stealing the ball. For defenders, line speed and shape are key, shooting doesn't work (are you listening, BOD?), and your odds of stealing it increase as the game goes on.

    There you go, Point. Numbers on it for you, and all. ;)
    Ceterum censeo INM irrumandum esse.

    Yeah, and going wide increases the chances of linebreaks and offloads, both heavily associated with points-scoring. Players running straight into contact the least effective method of producing points as it was the least likely tactic to result in linebreaks or offloads. A self-evident truth that one.

    2010 is a while ago now.