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POM named as 2013 / 2014 Capt

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    POM named as 2013 / 2014 Capt

    Peter O'Mahony named Munster captain for 2013/2014

    Great news for the young lad. Delighted for him and hopefully the start or Munster's next great leader.
    Trying to get the link but not working at the moment.
    He's a guy who gets up at six o'clock in the morning regardless of what time it is.


      Feck. Didn't see this thread started. Great news though!
      He's a guy who gets up at six o'clock in the morning regardless of what time it is.


        Confirmed? Delighted for him too. Himself and Paulie will make for some excellent team talks. Oh captain, my captain, here's to you!
        Céard a ceapfá, Jerry?

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          Originally posted by gavindillon View Post
          Confirmed? Delighted for him too. Himself and Paulie will make for some excellent team talks. Oh captain, my captain, here's to you!
          The Pedro & Paulie show!
          Well done PO'M.
          Gwan Joe!!


            Great News. Heres the link


              The right choice. He's our leader for the next 10 years hopefully. Hard to believe he's still only 23.

              Roger Roger. What's our vector, Victor?
              RIP Anthony Foley - The greatest of great Munster men.


                Thats a good call delighted for him, us as well I think he will be an excellent captain.
                I am one of the 5 clowns woo hoo


                  That's good news, great choice for captain. Congrats Peter!

                  Here's the link from the Munster website:


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                      Absolutely delighted for the lad, he has been outstanding for Munster (and Ireland) over the last year. In POM we trust.

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                        O'Mahony Named Squad Captain
                        30 July 2013, 4:01 pm

                        By The Editor

                        Munster Rugby today confirmed that Peter O'Mahony will captain the squad for the 2013/14 season.

                        Following on from his recent captaincy of the Ireland touring squad to North America, the 23 year old has been selected to captain Munster for the upcoming season.
                        Taking over from Doug Howlett who retired in June, O’Mahony is no stranger to the role and previously captained Munster during the 2011/12 season in Paul O’Connell’s absence, and in doing so claimed the Munster Rugby Young Player of the Year award.

                        O’Mahony also captained Munster A to the inaugural British and Irish Cup Final in 2010 and has previously captained Ireland U20s and U18s.

                        With 46 Munster caps to his name Peter made his league debut in January 2010 as a replacement against Ulster. He then put in a Man of the Match performance on his Heineken Cup debut against Northampton Saints in November 2011 and scored his first Munster try a week later against Castres Olympique. He has represented Ireland on sixteen occasions.

                        On news of the announcement Peter had the following to say “It is the biggest honour of my career so far and it is very special to me. When I was asked by Rob initially I was just shocked and my first instinct was to jump at it, but I had time to go away and think about it and I wanted to talk to people to get their thoughts.

                        Fellas like Paulie are very important guys in this squad and hopefully he and the other guys will be behind me for the year and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not going to try and fill Paulie’s boots, Axel’s boots or Dougie’s, I’m going to try and be my own captain, look after the lads and figure out the way I’m going to do things.

                        Captaining Ireland and your country is huge, and obviously that experience will stand to me but I’m just delighted with this opportunity now.”

                        Head Coach Rob Penney added “Peter is a naturally gifted leader and is still very young but has a lot of the attributes that are special and intrinsic to Munster. He will grow in to being a special leader of this group of men. I have spoken to players including Paul O’Connell who was extremely supportive of Pete’s appointment.

                        We went through a process last year to appoint Dougie via the players and this year Peter’s name was to the forefront of that list so taking all that information on board it was a no brainer that Pete would be appointed.”


                          He's an awesome player and will lead from the front for sure......I've a good feeling about this.
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                            Delighted for him!! Was always a clear captain of the future. Who knew the future was so soon. Best of luck. It's a big ask for the 23 year old but he's one for the years to come. It's great news. Absolutely delighted for him. Can't wait for the new season.
                            The Maul is Back!! LONG LIVE THE MAUL!!

                            Stringer is bigger even than his own immense shadow. Pound for pound, he is the best tackler in the world. If you put him into bag of cats he\'d come out without a scratch. He was hit very late for Murphy\'s try. And when he got up, as we knew he would, the crowd cried his name as if he had just fixed the economy.Billy Keane-After Munster\'s famous loss to the AB\'s.

                            The Bull-Truly irreplaceable, a mountain of a man. 100 caps!!


                              Great for him, and our captain and leader for the next decade you'd expect. I wouldn't expect a smooth ride at first, but any risk associated with it is really minimised by the fact POC will be beside him for another two seasons or so.

                              He'll have to mature a good bit though - the looking for scraps mentality will have to be refocused quiet a bit.

                              You'd imagine POC will remember well the few issues he had when he took from Axel, and at a slightly older age, and will be able to watch out for much of the same with POM.
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