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Why does Munster (and Irish) rugby consistently fail to unleash young talent?

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    Originally posted by Cowboy View Post

    Big gamble to place all his eggs in the JJ basket when he's only a kid
    Worked out reasonably ok for Deccie when he did similar with a wetnosed ROG.

    Although Jeremy Staunton mightn't agree.


      Originally posted by The Outlaw View Post
      well even carter started as a 12 so Id agree there. its a big year for keatley
      potential in attack of Keatley and Hanrahan, with option of Downey at IC as well, maybe Earls at OC and Zebo, Jones and our new import or Conway across back 3 is pretty good
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        Originally posted by deadlyBuzz View Post
        Personally, with the IRFUs news of debt and cash issues, I think we may see more players getting their chances as players leave overseas for money the IRFU / provinces can no longer afford to pay them.
        Murray and Zebo will have an Eye turned in the next few years and will have to be replaced. With the Gerry Hurley Scenario, we could see AIL and Academy players get more and more opportunities as a cheaper alternative expensive foreigners.
        I don't want to see the IRFU go down the same avenue as the WRU but would Leigh Halfpenney have got as much a chance to progress with Lee Byrne or James Hook still at their provinces???
        Are you trying to sneak in some smart comment here or am I just getting paranoid? Why the capital letter for 'eye.'

        Originally posted by cornerboy View Post
        If Leigh Halfpenny was showing the potential to be better than Lee Byrne or James Hook, then he would have taken their place. Cream rises to the top.....young players who show potential will get opportunities, the genuinely good ones take that chance.
        This just isn't true at all.

        Originally posted by Evil Omer View Post
        sorry but that simply isn't true and there are people saying it openly in the media now as well. If young players are always bit part players it doesn't matter what they do they won't progress for as long as the other player is the first choice no matter what. We've seen that enough in Irish rugby to know it. Gaffney ran an entire squad on that basis.
        Exactly, if Sexton had stayed where he was then Madigan was going to play second fiddle at Leinster for the whole of next season no matter how many Mark Ella style performances he put in. That is just simply the way it is and no, that wouldn't have made Madigan a better player. That would have been bad for Madigan and bad for Irish rugby.


          Originally posted by Brenny View Post
          Are you trying to sneak in some smart comment here or am I just getting paranoid? Why the capital letter for 'eye.'
          Nope. Just using outr 2 best young players as an example of players who will be tempted by big bucks in Fance.
          As for the caps.. I just like them. I have to go through almost every document I write and update for correct capitalisation.
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          Originally posted by joconnell
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