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    Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

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    What the hello is goin on guys? I have been on my knees for weeks now begging for a ticket, and today I got about 4 calls wanting to know do I need tickets. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork in Limerick, whats the scoop? Someone called me from Limerick on Mon asking for any tickets as there was 12 going with no ticket. Today they have 12 tickets and were offered more. One person in Limerick was quoted as having 35 tickets that were part of corporate that Llanelli couldn't sell , so tickets are 100 each without the meal. Are the Llanelli bunch not selling their tickets?

    There are tickets all over e-bay &amp; internet in general- think some 'supporters' are cashing in !!


      Are there? Just about ready to give up the hunt (not paying ebay touts prices) and stay home.
      Hope Not Hate



        Heard of a few tickets handed back to Musgrave Park during the week.

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        Aint nothin I would rather do,
        Goin down, party time,
        My friends are gonna be there too

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          same for me , i have been offered 4 tickets in the last two days.. whats the story ? i am at the Meal and from what i hear a lot more are as well.


            Any truth in the rumour that Llanelli released a further batch of tickets to Munster ?




                Are you really really sure bitter[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]
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                  A friend of mine rang me today with 2 Tickets going at face value but have to be collected in Roscommon. This is genuine if anybody wants to get them PM me for his phone number.

                  The surplus of tickets now available is ridiculous and appears that the allocation to the clubs are not being used by supporters also extras from Llanell Corporate available.