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    If the New Laws have the effect of making S/H s put the ball in straight, Hookers hook the ball back and Props scrummage straight it will indeed be worth it because we have had nothing but skulduggery from some English and French Coaches and where ours and others felt they must follow to be competitive at Scrum time. A Scrum as Moore says is merely there to "restart" the game after a minor infringement (knockon mostly) and not an Arm Wrestling Matcho test of strength as some Coaches had made it into. To date seems to have reduced the number of ridiculous Penalties,which spectators wanted to see, especially when they decided the outcome of games which was never intended with Scrums.


      Originally posted by redherring View Post
      Is it just me or does it only seem to be English coaches and players complaining about the new system?
      The English clubs seem to think they should dictate everything about the game these days. They constantly tell any paper who'll publish their whinging that everybody else is amateurish, doesn't understand the modern game etc. etc. All they care about is their own short term goals. It's a combination of arrogance and self-interest and it's a cancer that we cannot allow to spread any further by giving them one iota of additional influence. The RFU have allowed them too much leeway as it is.


        Originally posted by nuke View Post
        The call of engage as it used to be, or set as it is now is an invitation to the scrum to engage. so you can be penalised for a few things like time wasting or not taking a bind but not for "failing to take the engage".

        It is the same as people who used to believe that "you have to take the HIT" because it's in the laws.

        Common sense don't waste the ref's time or mess too much but there is nothing in the laws that says it.
        You're obliged to come to the mark and set there, deliberately giving should be penalised by the referee as you're not staying at the mark
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          One thing that has to happen is the ref's have to stop telling the scrumhalf when to put the ball in as it gives the defending scrum the opportunity to time their shove which makes it too difficult to get clean ball for the attacking team


            I thought it might be interesting to resurrect this excellent thread to see what the experts make of the new engagement regulations as we approach the end of the season. One question I have, are these bulging disc injuries a coincidence or are they as a result of the new regs?