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    Originally posted by jagawayagain View Post

    I don’t know who they have beyond Hanrahan, we have Murray, Casey, McCarthy, Cronin. Cooney will be more involved with Ireland, and that leaves their cupboard very bare. I also hope Nick steps up, Cronin did well when he came on on Friday, but presumably if Casey is fit it will be McCarthy instead of Cronin this weekend. At the moment, to me, he doesn’t seem much of an advance on Hart.
    It took courage to make the move, so it'd be great to see it come to some good.


      Originally posted by jagawayagain View Post

      Wondered about that too- He’s a dynamic young chap, but if Cooney plays a bigger role for Ireland, with less availability as a result, I’m not sure what they would have had supporting Shanahan- this way, they get a senior pro, who can only benefit the development of shanahan and others.
      Totally makes sense for them. Question for me is whether Shanahan can hold him off to get the shirt those weeks Cooney is away, or the bench when he's there. In a straight head to head for me right now, Mathewson would be their number 2. That means when Cooney comes back Shanahan is out of the 23.
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        And then there be injuries, unfortunately
        Gwan Joe!!