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    Seven all at HT. They scored early from an intercept. We scored late after much heaving and dragging close in and a yellow card for them.

    We had a strong wind.


      Nice try (unconverted) for us 12-7 45 gone


        From the KO, Sir misses a knock-on (he says it went back) and crossing and they go in in the corner. 12-12.


          Munster knock the ball on and they get the Scrum. As usual, the ball goes into the Second Row but we get the push on and push them off it such that our No 8 picks it up from between his feet.

          My highlight of the game so far.

          15 all, 58 gone.


            Lineout Maul Try. 20-15 62 gone.


              Ospreys do what we don't seem to be able to do. They get the ball through the hands to the winger who goes over in the corner .Con is narrowly missed. 20 all, three tries each, 70 gone


                Munster in the Ospreys 22, well into Injury Time there's a clash of heads, an Osprey player is down, Sir blows it up and the game is over. 20 all two points each.


                  Thanks for the updates PK


                    Thanks Piquet. That seems to be a good result given the age profile of our team
                    "Fineen Wycherley was everywhere. When I watched this video back late on Saturday night I half expected to look up from my laptop to find him in my kitchen ' TRK Nov 3rd 2019 following Cardiff v Munster


                      Thanks for the updates pk. Decent result given the age profile and the likelihood that they haven't had a huge amount of time together as a group before this.


                        Yes, some of them looked like they were in their early teens, but that's a function of my age.

                        The No 11, who played on the right wing and the Scrum Half looked particularly young.

                        Our Scrum looked way smaller but when they were allowed to get a shove on, were well on top. The Os dropped it twice or three times and fooled Sir into giving them a Pen.

                        Our lads will get that cuteness in time, particularly when Mr Rountree comes on board.

                        We seemed reluctant to let the ball out to the Girls when we were close in, which mirrors the Seniors, but maybe Larkham will sort that out too.


                          Appreciate the updates PK, thanks
                          "There are a lot of points that we’ve left behind and this is with a young group. That probably tells you what they’re capable of and that they’re a very good side.

                          Probably next year or the year after next they will take some stopping"

                          Anthony Foley, May 2016. Axel RIP



                            thread of tweets I did for the game.

                            we dominated possession and territory for huge chunks of the game. This was mainly down to our front 5 dominance and their poor discipline at the breakdown. We weren’t remotely clinical enough though and our back play was poor at times.

                            Ospreys were manhandled upfront but they were absolutely clinical with ball in hand. Their number 14 looked like a stiff breeze would blow him over, but he was lethal given any space.

                            Scott Buckley was MOM for me. Got through huge work in attack and defence and was part of a highly effective scrum. Cian Hurley, James French, Paddy Kelly and Matt Bowen also did well.

                            Two other talking points. 1 was a kick from Crowley that looked well wide that was given, and 2 was the ending. In a frantic finish with turnovers aplenty we were attacking on their 5 with the clock gone red in stoppage time. There was a nasty clash of heads so the ref stopped the game. When their player went off, the ref blew for full time rather than restarting with a scrum to us. Nigel Owens is checking the rule on this (yes really, see twitter).
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                              As I understand it, when the game is stopped for a serious injury, such as a possible concussion, it restarts with a scrum to the team in possession or going forward.

                              If time is up, once play stops, the game is over, unless a Penalty has been awarded.

                              In tonight's game, a Scrum was awarded, because of the injury but time was up.

                              I have no problem with the game being called.


                                Was Denis Leamy on sideline with A team?