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Semi Final - Leinster v Munster

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    Guinness Pro14 - Semi Final - Leinster v Munster

    Let the bitterness commence
    18th-May-2019 15:00
    18th-May-2019 17:00
    RDS Arena, Dublin

    Ah yes, the annual game I have come to think of with many names:

    The crossing of the desert
    The unblinking eye
    The paddling of the swollen ass.... with paddles
    I am the million man.


      No fear. Today was ****e but we dig deep, that blue jersey won’t be long focusing the minds of a few players, a poor performance like today should get a big response from the team


        Any word on tickets for this?


          Tickets will be scarce for this
          "There are a lot of points that we’ve left behind and this is with a young group. That probably tells you what they’re capable of and that they’re a very good side.

          Probably next year or the year after next they will take some stopping"

          Anthony Foley, May 2016. Axel RIP


            Leinster aren't the team they were, we'll stuff them with Earls and Carbery back.


              Originally posted by isola ciarrai View Post
              Any word on tickets for this?
              read that tickets will be distributed to MRSC, Clubs and 10 year ticket holders. Leinster STH got first choice for their seats last week. Public sale on Tuesday.
              Has Fineen put Johnny down yet?


                Leinster are unbeatable


                  Originally posted by FORWARD.... View Post

                  read that tickets will be distributed to MRSC, Clubs and 10 year ticket holders. Leinster STH got first choice for their seats last week. Public sale on Tuesday.
                  How many tickets will be in the public sale roughly? And how many did Leinster get to pick from? Will we get the same amount?


                    There should be no lack of motivation or anger, if they can channel it productively and snap out of lull, we have a chance.
                    "The PRO12 is our domestic league, it's what you earn your bread and butter from; it's what pays the bills. We need to broaden our emphasis and get an understanding in Irish rugby that the domestic league from now on is most important and that's what qualifies you now for Europe.'' Garrett Fitzgerald, CEO Munster


                      If theres going to be a ticket list can i add my name for 2 please


                        Originally posted by xRedmanx View Post

                        How many tickets will be in the public sale roughly? And how many did Leinster get to pick from? Will we get the same amount?
                        I have no idea- sorry.
                        Has Fineen put Johnny down yet?


                          Munster get 25% of the tickets so about 4,500.


                            Munster win over Leinster will merely paper over cracks
                            JOHNNY WATTERSON

                            In 2011 the Red Army lorded it over Leinster at Thomond Park a week after their arch-rivals were crowned European champions.

                            That Pro 12 final delivered Munster’s last trophy so catching Leinster, who have since gathered six, in similar circumstances at the RDS come Saturday week would bring Munster “back to zero” and nothing more.

                            That’s a phrase Johann van Graan keeps using to the point of ridicule.

                            “The only thing that matters is we won the game” he uttered after stumbling past Benetton Treviso in front of a paltry 10,042 crowd.

                            No, Johann, what matters is Conor Murray being hauled off while Munster trailed by a point with 14 minutes remaining. What matters is Joey Carbery’s health. What matters is, before Saracens mopped the floor with them, the South African was gifted a two-year contract extension.

                            Barcelona watch out, Munster’s published aim is to become “The Best Club in the World.” This “club” still operates from Cork offices despite the squad relocating to Limerick.

                            The disconnect is glaring.

                            “Garrett [Fitzgerald] will always say we are a people-based organisation,” interim chief executive Philip Quinn, while Fitzgerald recovers from major surgery, told the Irish Examiner. “It’s all about the people.”

                            Somebody should tell the people because handing out free tickets to cover gaping holes in the shiny, as yet unpaid for, stadium for do or die rugby is a worrying trend.

                            The best club in the world can’t even announce their team properly.

                            Carbery was starting according to Friday’s official email with no sign of JJ Hanrahan. Twelve minutes later came an unexplained “correction”; no Carbery, Tyler Bleyendaal wears 10 with Hanrahan on the bench. Of course Hanarhan’s boot inched them beyond a Treviso outfit that unforgivably blew this opportunity.

                            There are multiple examples but Chris Farrell’s 72nd-minute tackle on Toa Halafihi saved Munster’s season. Halafihi butchered a four-man overlap. That was before Antonio Rizzi’s fluffed drop goals. Such decision making and poor execution would be familiar to the dwindling Thomond Park audience.

                            Beating a jaded Leinster will merely paper over cracks in the cement. Just like 2011.

                            See more at


                              Unless the speed of ball improves to Murrays hands we wont be beating them townie shaping bastards (no offence intended), Sarries - Connacht - Benetton, all three slowed our ball and we struggled to even get out of our half never mind score tries or create multiple opportunities.

                              The narrative that our backs are not firing is predicated on giving our backs the fecking ball with time and space to actually fire. Slow our possession and you can hammer Munster behind the gainline all day long.

                              To beat Leinster and even compete in a final Munster need a tempo and speed to stretch opposition enough to crack their defensive line - through pulling enough lads out of position to make mismatches or narrowing the point of attack enough to give Farrell Conway Earlsy and Sweets space to make strikes.

                              In terms of selection, we've so many poachers we are giving too much work to CJ and Killer to carry and they get double teamed. I'd advocate playing POM at 6, CJ at Wally, and Arno at 8 (when Pete is actually our 7) and keep Jacko on the bench, he owes them a bit of a hows your father.

                              I hope Rhys Marshall was just kept on ice last weekend, he is a skilful hooker and great piano shifter. Our tight 5 have got to give the numbers 6 to 10 fuel, its not happening right now IMO

                              I'd play Goggin at 12 and Big Christy at 13, thats harsh on Rory Scannell but Munster need to overpower Leinster, need to hammer over the gainline, need to have huge men to give Henshaw and Rongrise problems and collisions

                              I've lost count of semi final losses at this stage, are we around 10 in a row now? I think tis such a committed and hard working group that they wont be thinking about Dubai or the US beaches just yet, but as a wise man once said:

                              If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got

                              We may as well double down on hammering the hammer, pick the biggest boshiest 23 available and hope that Sarries have tenderised the hosts
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                              I am the million man.