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    a hatchet piece but unfortunately there is a bit of truth in it which makes it have some teeth.


      Still not even a week but it seems a season ago. We can still win something this year, and, that would be a step forward from last year. Next few weeks is about maxing what we can take from this season- and then some searching questions for the management to pose and answer in relative calm.

      Perhaps fortunately, the first few months of next season will be relatively under the radar- with lots of opportunities for lads not going to japan. What shape guys get back in, or when, is a real lottery, but could be fabulous opportunity for p guys try to break though. Would be good for them to have a trophy to look at as they head out to train and play.


        The Crusaders appear to be playing a different game down under. Who' is coaching their attack?
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        Gwan Joe!!


          Originally posted by Sarricen View Post
          There’s so many things I’d love to say here but won’t get sucked in to any subjective debate. I will only make an objective statement! And that’s mainly because it’s so frustrating when people say we have brought success. Look at our first XV today:

          1 - signed as a 19 year old - promising but not at all established in Bristol’s first XV
          2 - academy
          3 - signed when he was 20, first professional side
          4 - academy
          5 - academy
          6 - signed as a ‘journeyman’ South African that few had heard of
          7 - academy
          8 - signed as a raw overweight 20 year old who was about to make his England debut
          9 - signed from Cambridge as an 18 year old
          10 - academy
          11 - big moneyball signing
          12 - signed as a promising and young player without much of a reputation
          13 - signed as a 21 year old (?) on the fringe of the wasps squad
          14 - signed from Quins as his career was supposedly starting to wane
          15 - academy

          Fine, it has been expensive to maintain this squad but certainly wasn’t expensive to ‘buy’ or put together the team today. Only one was a ‘massive’ signing and a further two signed as established players but by no means stars. And this was spot on our best XV. Only question marks being Titi v Koch and Wiggy v Spencer but on current form both starters today deserved their spot.

          12 of the 15 are either academy or signed before they were 22. I’m not sure many other European teams can say the same. Leinster maybe but I’m probably preaching to the converted here if I go into the massive advantages they have!
          Misleading donkey sh*te above from start to finish.


            There should be rules against posting links to articles on that site, and there should be sanctions for articles by franno.

            That said I read it earlier after the piece about seanie OB ( I was in Mickey D’s with kid and twas lying around, presumably in case someone’s pukes from the Mank food)

            Not only is he off the mark about bringing in players, (he was never one for research, so you hardly expect him to start now) but he wasn’t to worried about this when Munster were due to play sarries.

            This is pure ego driven, it’s the start of an excuse if Leinster lose, and the inflation of greatness to the level
            of victory should they win.

            In hindsight I should have just read the ingredients of their chips instead.