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Gloucester vs Munster - Heineken Cup R5 - Friday January 11th @ 19:45

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    Anyone have link where I can watch game back?


      Originally posted by Tobyglen View Post

      Dislocated rib. Looking at 4 weeks at least I would think.

      Beirne at 6 for 6 nations v England?
      Beast of bantry at 6 next week maybe ??


        Originally posted by Dougie View Post
        What does popped rib mean? In terms of injury and also time out.
        For PoM it probably means popping back and take a day off on Tuesday.


          Something clicked after the trip to Belfast and whatever it was it's got to stay for another week.

          We are a side to be reckoned with, bit to go yet this season but happy as Larry tonight
          I am the million man.


            Originally posted by jagawayagain View Post

            It was a strange phase- we defended like demons- and had we turned it over the Gloucester we absolutely gone- conceding having drained them of all they had set up the rest of the game. Great example of why taking the points allows you leeway.
            and we pushed it wide which basically deprived them from two points.


              Sensational play by Joey the feet. The 2nd best 10 in Europe, 2 years time Joey will be the best.

              Deligra for Rory Scannell, great against Leinster outstanding tonight.

              ​​​​​​And great performances all over the place and Van the Manager and the coaches seem to be getting all the parts working together.

              Serious contenders for the HCup and the league.

              Originally Posted by mr chips
              AG gets the responses he does because he is a journalist..


                Originally posted by Chrizzzie View Post

                We cannot even complain about Poite. But if we really do need to complain it should be the commentating of Austin Healy.
                Rob Henderson was the only man to put some manners on Healy.


                  Wel we are back in some bit of a groove. Joey is showing he can lead from 10. Beirne is a freak of a man. Literally a freak. His sisters are all models but by god he us the most beautiful freak ever. Some engine. Conway is a rampant rabbit and lads we all bashed Felix BUT we see now the plan they have hugely needs a lad like Farrell at 13. He attracted so many defenders and allowed for gaps.

                  Fair play Billy for that pop for Earls try too.


                    Alby looked like he hurt his knee in the very last play.
                    Mumha Abu


                      Originally posted by Balla Boy View Post

                      He’s not unhappy. Just saying next week’s opposition are a bigger test.
                      Well, let’s see whether the are in with any sort of shout after they play tomorrow. Even with five points tomorrow they have a mountain to climb- and I can’t see us making it easy for them.

                      Munster played bloody well tonight, massive control and pressure throughout. This mattered to Gloucester- look at their selection- and we took what the had to offer and returned it in spades. Murray’s vision and ability to exploit opprtunities belies the ‘phones it in’ comments - and Joey is beginning to show what a class 10 adds to a very effective pack. Another half dozen games together and that backline will not be taken lightly by anyone. There’s a way to go, but we are a very different proposition to 12 months ago.

                      To a man the team were worthy of the huge support tonight, and the Gloucester fans afterwards were genuinely impressed despite vehemently supporting their side throughout. A bit of luck and it’s a maybe, another year of this progress and we’ll be the ones to beat.


                        CJ has been immense this season, just immense. Nice to see Rory play well, he needed it but he defo had some nice moments out there.
                        \"Only Pienaar, Botha and Ferris would be in contention for a place on our first 15. That\'s a fact.\" - Tickettout\'s take on Ulster April 2011.


                          “He’s in a bit of pain,” said van Graan. “It looks like a rib.

                          “We’ll obviously have to take our time with it and re-assess on Monday. Sometimes it heals quickly and other times not, so I’ve got no update but it’s definitely a popped rib.”

                          JVG on POM.
                          The Maul is Back!! LONG LIVE THE MAUL!!

                          Stringer is bigger even than his own immense shadow. Pound for pound, he is the best tackler in the world. If you put him into bag of cats he\'d come out without a scratch. He was hit very late for Murphy\'s try. And when he got up, as we knew he would, the crowd cried his name as if he had just fixed the economy.Billy Keane-After Munster\'s famous loss to the AB\'s.

                          The Bull-Truly irreplaceable, a mountain of a man. 100 caps!!


                            Originally posted by Late try View Post

                            Looking good r.
                            Yes Sorry I had t be so long winded about it. But. y'know .. so many losers here, so used to losing, they don't see it when it's in front of them, and what can you do when the light is SO bright, and you can see it. All I can do is point and say "we haven't been this good before"

                            but obvsI remember the 2000 final in Twickenham and you DO need a little luck, but hey.
                            Munster and Van Graan are going places Click image for larger version

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                            Munster – Champions of Europe 2006, 2008, 2019.


                              Ger Gilroy will have to find some new angle as to where we are lacking, Probably bring up some Grobeler non story


                                Some reflections:

                                Great win
                                Maximum points
                                Balla happy with attack
                                Room for improvement
                                POM injury not great
                                The Leinster set livid that Munster have promise