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Pro14 R13) Connacht V Us - Saturday 19.35 TG4-Eir-Premier-Sportsgrounds

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    Excellent win. Very good tactical performance. Played territory really well and used our stronger pack to good effect.

    Connacht (Farrell in particular) still very dangerous in attack but we kept them to two tries of their own making (the first try was a bit of a gift) which is not bad at all.

    Liked the combination of Tyler and Joey. Nice option to have.


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      Thank God for that. Madness from TB.


        Originally posted by dropkick View Post

        Tom Farrell had a great game for Connacht. Hard to figure out why Schmidt capped Arnold ahead of him.
        Maybe it's Joe's preference for Munster? RedJoe anyone?


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          The shed must be sh@ting themselves
          I've yet to see a building do that..


            Great win, westies a hard side to beat these days and to think back a few years ago IRFU were thinking of ditching them
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              I'm particularly pleased for JVG - He comes across as a really decent bloke.

              We were all getting concerned over our attacking but we finally saw some decent progress - back to the Munster of old - play the game in their half. Our rolling maul was at it's best all season - that's a great tool for us. Our line out and scrum were superb and we cut out the unforced errors. Loughman didn't look out of place either. Management must be very pleased. Alby has been superb - Hopefully we can get him for next season.

              Top of our group and conference after bad reffing calls (cost us a few games) - I hoped the quality new guys would elevate us to contenders and maybe, just maybe, they have.

              Really looking forward to the rest of the season.


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                Not one to single out players but Wooten hasn’t a clue how to defend..he lets lads run past him and then tries to drag them down by the jersey, extremely risky especially against a strong fella who can hand him off. He’s a liability - teams are targeting him
                Agree. There was s sense of the racing semi there last night with them running riot on his wing


                  Outstanding performance against a really top form team, try bonus, away from home, no injury worries.

                  I'm not even too concerned about the midfield defence as it's their first time together this season and their (Tom) Farrell is an incredible prospect.

                  What a time to bring it all together. Fair play to Johann, Felix & Co. You just knew Chris Farrell was going to add hugely to the team and he has.

                  This is a huge turning point were in our season and, with a bit of luck on the injury front, we could be headed for big things.
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                    Mathewson was very important while on the pitch - a real sense of urgency in attack.

                    The line out looked an awful lot better.

                    A good step before we head into the European games.

                    Reproducing that effectiveness in attack against Glaws and Exeter will be a marker.
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                      First time this season I felt there was a plan in action and the plan would seal the victory.

                      Two enormous centres def helps Joey get moving

                      Well done Munster! Kick on now till the 6N
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                        hmmm ,solid scrums ,strong lineout ,great maul and good kicking to the corners ,where have I seen that before


                          also quick ball from the scrum half worth mentioning


                            Aside from the bonus point win and our unexpected acquisition of the top spot, there are other reasons to be happy after last night. When you consider where we've been poor recently, this game showed real signs of progress while identifying areas which still need work. The lineout was a big step up, as was the attacking maul plus our ability to gain yards in the loose (a consistent issue for most of the season to date). Very satisfying to see the progress there.

                            The defensive holes in midfield are the big work-on - while it's understandable that both Farrell and Goggin were somewhat rusty, this can't be allowed to happen against Gloucester. That's not to take away from the attacking prowess of Tom Farrell, of course. Anyway, I'm sure they will be working on it this week. One might argue that Tyler has also played very little recently, but I don't think that would wash. While the second kick (which bounced back off a Connacht player's foot) was somewhat unfortunate, overall his decision-making wasn't the best, giving them late opportunities to equalize when we needed to close out the game. For sure, that's another issue which will be addressed over the coming week but it probably means that the choice between himself and JJ for next weekend is still up in the air.
                            Tis but a scratch.


                              Very happy with the result. Work ons in the centre required defensively but undeniable that we look more potent as a back line with those 2 in situ.

                              Connacht are a quality outfit with reasonable depth and players predominantly above their level. Their challenge Cup pool contains an excellent team in sale so they have been getting good games and learnings in the first half of the season.

                              ​​​​​Our run in will include alot of game time for the younger members of our squad but I am confident they can get things done and earn us that home semi.

                              Tylers pass for the final try was excellent, he seemed to know what he wanted to do with the back line but wasn't always able to execute it. He made some bad mistakes and overall I don't think he's done enough to make the 23 next week. It could still come for him this year, particularly during the 6 nations. I presume he is fighting for a new contract and potentially his career in the game is on the line so that added pressure can't make things easy.

                              Lots of questions for the 23 next week particularly on the bench after the interpro trio

                              Probably more a discussion for the Gloucester thread but
                              ​​​​​​ For me Hayley stays at full back, Sweetnam on bench
                              JJ over Tyler
                              Kevin O Byrne over Rhys, too big a first game to be introduced in
                              Cloete if fit over Tod, any doubt pick Tod
                              Fineen over Billy or possibly Fineen over Arno and Billy on bench too
                              Farrell and Goggin in middle.
                              ​​​​​​​Very tough on Rory to not make 23




                                Our first away win in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England or France in 13 months, we have been as bad as the French on the road for a while now.