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    Lansdowne Documentary

    I recently posted this in the International Section of this website, but some people advised me that it might be better suited here so I am reposting it. I hope that is not a problem?

    I'm currently in the middle of making a radio documentary about
    Lansdowne Rd to mark the demise of the old stadium. I'm hoping that the
    documentary will be a nostalgic look back at some of the moments that
    individual fan's will remember most about the old stadium long after it
    is gone. It's going to be purely about the different experiences that
    rugby fans had in Lansdowne Rd and what it meant to them. Now that
    might be being in attendance when Ireland won any of the three triple
    crown's or a particularly memorable game against England or whatever,
    but it also could be your first game against whoever when the important
    thing was not necessarily the game or the result but your experience
    and the memories you took from it. Or it could be Munster beating
    Leinster in the European Cup or whatever seemed most special to you!

    The reason that I am posting this here is that I am hoping to find some
    fan's to take part in the documentary. So what is your most
    memorable moment from Lansdowne Rd? What will you remember most about
    the place long after it has been demolished?

    I hope that some
    people who post here might be interested in taking part. If you are you
    can either PM me or just reply to this thread and we can take it form