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    Originally posted by BlackAndBlue

    List of proxy servers

    Hope this helps, but try it before the match to make sure.

    Therein lies the problem.

    Ireland isn't a country with a proxy history and most, if not all, Irish proxies are based in various universities around the country to enable students to logon to the campus sites.

    It's not like there is a huge list of proxies either and getting one that actually works at the exact time you want is like trying to find rocking horse sh1te (on the rare occasions one does work, the owner tends to notice a sudden upturn in traffic and it is promptly turned off).

    RTE started to use Geoblock about a year ago. If used in any other country in the world it would be next to useless because they have a lot of proxy servers but as it's Ireland with next to none, Geoblock is 99.99% effective.

    It's easy enough to get the mms or rtsp link for RTE streams but the problem starts when you start watching. Within 20 seconds Geoblock will have checked your IP address and if non Irish will promptly cut you off.

    If it is an Irish IP you're fine but would get a better picture on the TV !



      there is a bar called jade tavern justoff george st ( at back of paddys market) where official nz supporters club meets and they have advertised that they are showing game along with other games on the tour.



        This site is UK & may not show the game but is very useful for HCup games as ESPN are useless and have the rights again this year in OZ....£9stg for the year shows ML games too...



          Woo Hoo. Just got a text from an Irish journo here in Sydney who has mates in Setanta.
          They have said they just got the rights to show it live. Keep an eye on the Setanta Australia website for details

          Edit: From the horses mouth:

          Bring It


            Thank you Pucan. You've made my weekend. Now i just
            need to subscribe to Setanta!



              Originally posted by cloakedninjas
              Thank you Pucan. You've made my weekend. Now i just
              need to subscribe to Setanta!

              Which is easier said than done...

              If you subscribe to Austar, you are in business. Ring them up and they'll put it on instantly.

              Foxtel, AFAIK, do not carry Setanta. You see it as an option as you flick past the sports channels, but I was not able to add it to my subscription.

              Thanks again Pucan and others for their insight and help.

              Still don't get the whole proxy issue though...[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]


                Foxtel definitely have a Setanta option. It's not part of any packages though. Its a standalone option. Give em a ring.


                  <DIV id=wideNewsing>
                  <H1>See the All Blacks UK Tour live in Australia</H1></DIV><!-Credit->
                  <DIV id=wideNewsCredit> - 14/11/2008</DIV><!-C&#111;ntent->
                  <DIV id=wideNewsC&#111;ntent>

                  Setanta Sports, the international sports channel, will be the exclusive Australian broadcaster of the All Blacks rugby international with Munster on November 19th, live from Thomond Park, at 6:30am (AEDT).

                  Viewers interested in watching the match live in Australia can see it on the Setanta Sports channel on Foxtel and Austar, or at their local Setanta Sports venue.

                  For more information about how to subscribe to Setanta Sports in Australia go to

                  Upcoming International rugby coverage on Setanta Sports:

                  November 19th - Munster vs New Zealand 6:30am AEDT LIVE
                  November 23rd
                  England vs South Africa 1:30am AEDT LIVE - Replays 12pm &amp; 6pm
                  November 30th
                  England vs New Zealand 1:30am AEDT LIVE - Replays 12pm &amp; 6:45pm

                  Setanta Sports is also the exclusive Australian broadcaster of the RBS Six Nations, the Guinness Premiership, Anglo-Welsh Cup, European Challenge Cup and Magners League.

        ;ne wsArticle=9154</DIV>


                    I just subscribed to Setanta on Foxtel. I did it on the
                    Setanta website, took 2 mins. I did it on the monthly
                    basis. It cost me $15.95 for the first month. I just have to
                    remember to cancel it or ill keep getting charged. C'mon
                    Munster. Pity bout the team they have to put out. I'd love
                    to see them have a go!