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    Originally posted by JoeyFantastic

    one method imo, short of starting an A league, is to send young guys off to the GP/Div1 for a year or 2 (or more), assuming there's a club willing to have them. It's risky, but it can work, Jennings is returning to Leinster a much better player, for example. Were Reddan to return, his years at Wasps would time better spent than playing for Old Cresent in the AIL, no disrespect intended to either the club or the league.

    We don't need an A league as such, apart from an A interpro series which would give 6 games. This should be supplemented by friendlies against Leicester A, Bath A, Stade Francais A, etc and games against the likes of Australia A or warm up games for Super 14 sides. Basically to give as much variety of different types of styles without it mattering. I would suggest that little would be learnt from matches against Borders A etc. It wouldn't have to cost a fortune.


      I'm with Point (in spite of his stops over TOL). An inter pro A series would add some competitive edge to A games and we should be looking at playing top HEC sides A games. Maybe 10 games a season would be enough.