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Tonight’s game.

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    Tonight’s game.

    There is already an O'Leary thread going and I agree that he was abominable as a scrum half. if O'Meara had played from the start we wouild probably have won.

    The point I'd really like to make is how bad does Anthony Horgan have to be before he is given a fond farewell.I have seen some inept performances from him over the years but tonight's effort sank into the abyss. He can't catch, run, tackle or think like a professional player should. How many AIL sides would select him as a starting player? Damn few! The words woeful or talentless would be ashamed to be linked with him. Cullen wasn't much better but at least he has been there.

    Manning injured. AGAIN.

    Why was Halstead selected when he was so obviously carrying an injury? It looks like he may be out of next weeks game.

    The only players to come out of tonight's fiasco with credit are Mick O'Driscoll who ran himself into the ground, Mafi who scored and the front row.

    Some of the other players didn't do much wrong but that's because they didn't do much at all. And giving penalties for backchat is cretinous. This is a quick way to lose sponsors. Have the best team in the league treating the league, it's sponsors, our own fans and the opposition with contempt by putting out that shadow of a team. Anyone could pick and coach the first team. The talent in selection and coaching is to do it with the less talented players. Kidney isn't.