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    Originally posted by dipstick
    I got a letter today from the chairman of the Thomond Re-Development committee wondering if I might wish to have a seat in the West instead of the East stand. What do you think?

    Pro : When it is Sunny, you won't have wear sunglasses or hold your hand up to your forehead.

    Cons : The West Stand probably won't get the sun so it will be a lot colder.

    You should ask if the seat in the West Stand is closer to the halfway line?


      Those in the West Stand will have their backs to the prevailing wind and (therefore) the rain.

      West Stand won't get the sun and, as Point says, will be colder (bring a hip flask!).

      Personally, I'd go for the West Stand as long as the seat is not in a worse position.
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        Maybe they don't expect to have the East stand ready for the pool games?
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