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    Under our Christmas tree

    @@@@SPAN style="font-weight: bold;">Under our Christmas tree@@@@/SPAN></font><br style="font-weight: bold;">@@@@SPAN style="font-weight: bold;">By the Munsterfans Team@@@@/SPAN>

    We have come to the end of what has been a fantastic year for Munster Rugby, with, as an obvious high point, Axle Foley finally and deservedly lifting the Heineken Cup. It has been the long expected reward of a long and continuous effort from the team and fans. Despite bringing relief and immense satisfaction, the final whistle in Cardiff did not sound like the end of the journey and has not quenched Munster faithful’s thirst for glory.

    The new rugby season is well advanced now and, even if it is not yet time to open our Christmas presents but we probably all feel like ripping a small corner and see what we should expect.

    The end of 2006 has been prolific for Munster and there are a number of reasons to feel enthusiastic for the New Year:

    @@@@SPAN style="font-weight: bold;">Key players coming back from injury:@@@@/SPAN></font>

    The list of injured players is reducing quickly and a number of them will be available as soon as the New Year kicks in:
    <ul>[*]Jerry Flannery who underwent shoulder surgery in August is back in training and should return to competition soon.
    [*]Marcus Horan who was injured during the Ireland V Australia test will be back for the New Year.
    [*]Kelly and Murphy proved to be back in form against Cardiff and Cullen is now available as well.
    [*]While Quinlan just received a 6 weeks ban for alleged stamping, Foley who damaged is shoulder during Munster’s epic victory in Leicester should also be back for the New Year.[/list]
    @@@@SPAN style="font-weight: bold;">Magners League record is improving:</font>

    @@@@/SPAN>Munster has stored 8 points in its last two Magners League, jumping from the 11th to the 8th spot on the table, before meeting its old rival Leinster for the last home game of the year on the 27th of December.

    This year has seen the Magners league delivery some fantastic highs and vicious lows. Yet again Munster start off slowly, this year with our internationals away with Eddie O'Sullivan in Poland we saw a courageous performance against Cardiff end in defeat despite Timmy Ryan coming off the bench for his first try for Munster.

    A tight 9-8 win against Borders saw a young Munster side pick up their first four points of the campaign through the boot of Manning however this was followed by a defeat to Glasgow at Hughenden with a patchwork team at our disposal.

    With all our internationals back however it seemed things were about to turn around, a full strength Ulster came to Musgrave park looking to build on their impressive season start and despite building a ten nil lead early in the game a fresh Munster side took them to task and tries from Wallace and Horgan plus a fine kicking display from O'Gara saw Munster victorious at 21-13.

    Any hopes this would pave the way for a strong title challenge were ruthlessly dashed however by a storming backs display for Leinster in front of 27,000 in Lansdowne road. A Leinster team still hurting from their Heineken cup exit in the same stadium six months earlier made amends by despatching Munster 27-20 in a scoreline that flattered us.

    Worse was to follow, still reeling from the Leinster game Edinburgh came calling and added insult to injury by beating us 10-21 in Thomond park, a worrying game that saw O'Gara go off injured early in the game and former Leinster player Eoghan Hickey take up outhalf duties.

    Our next Magners league outing three weeks later was to be the high flying Scarlets. A break for the Heineken cup lead into the Autumn internationals and yet again Munster were in Wales with a depleted squad. Even with a strong back line the inexperienced forwards suffered as the Scarlets took a bonu

    Many happy returns and continue the good work[img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]



      Where's the clapping smilie? Well done Oz and team [img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]


        Thanks as always, Oz et al! [img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]
        For you stole Trevelyan\'s watch, So the young might see....oh, never mind....


          Cheers Oz [img]smileys/biggrin.gif[/img] - a State of the Union address.

          To the MF team have a happy and wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2007.



            Excellent article, Ozoyo.

            Well done, superb job.

            Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
            To see the light one must first realise it is dark



              To all the munsterfans teamhave a great Christmas and New Year, well done on all your efforts this year and here's to a even better year next year for the Munster team, onwards and upwards. You're a credit to your province.

              Frank the Tank is not coming back. OK? That part of me is over, water under the bridge.


                Thanks for all your hard work during the year guys. Much appreciated. Have a great
                Christmas and New Year !


                  Well done to all the "squad" great job [img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]merry christmas to all
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                    Good Work
                    Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone [img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]
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                      Joyeux Noelto you Ozoyo and Hugsie and Happy Christmas to the rest of the MF.Com squad


                        Well done to all at Munsterfans, Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2007
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                          Whoo hooo!!

                          Roll on the 27th! (actually roll on this evening...!)

                          Happy Christmas everyone! [img]smileys/smiley31.gif[/img]
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                            Happy Xmas all and good work by the MF team. Roll on the dinner!! and the 27th!


                              Well done all the team.

                              And Happy Christmas to everyone here at
                              Hope Not Hate