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Ticketmaster HC Final ’07

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    Ticketmaster HC Final ’07

    Looking for a bit of advice, have been on the ticketmaster website looking at booking tics for the HC Final in London (not been cocky as a Munster fan as have been to 5 of the last 6, tends to be a good wend regardless).

    Tickets available on ticketmaster website seem rubbish even the £60 one's give v poor seats, has anyone else got some already and if so did the buy onlineor has anyone a telephone number that I can use.
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    Yup bought some back in July/August I think for the same reason as yourself....

    I went for £25 seats. Same malarkie was happening last year - they release the tickets in batches...So just keep checking every now and again and you are bound to get what you are looking for...
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      if i have any money left in january.. i'll buy a few...

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        Same as thisYear? i bought mine in early summer, £25 ones, i dont think ours are two bad, we're in the lower tier close to one of the corners