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    My son still hasn't recieved his yet (Alarm clock package). Like yourself hoping it will be here for Christmas

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  • RobbieG
    Still no sign[img]smileys/sad.gif[/img]

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  • RobbieG

    Ok must be on the way then, (school pencil cases were the ones they wanted) got my MRSC scarf last Sat, when i came home from the match

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  • Native Land
    Pack arrived Saturday morning -

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    2 Very happy juniors here today![img]smileys/biggrin.gif[/img]Thanks.

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  • Crescent boy 2

    2 of the 3 in my house have arrived - the outstanding one ordered an alarm clock if that helps. Wife rang the MB to be told that they were not all posted out together.

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  • Point

    Originally posted by RobbieG
    Just wondering if anybody has got their Junior Supporters packs yet, brought 2 memberships, hoping they would have arrived for the kids by Xmas

    Nope, not as yet.

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  • RobbieG
    Just wondering if anybody has got their Junior Supporters packs yet, brought 2 memberships, hoping they would have arrived for the kids by Xmas

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  • Harry

    Hey guys and girls!

    Firstly, can I start off by saying what an honour it is to be Junior
    Club Captain for the season! Donncha did a great job so I better do
    just as good!

    Well, it's been fairly hectic the past few months. Munster qualified
    for the Quarter Finals of the Heineken Cup again which is a great
    achievement. We get to play Gloucester in April. It will be good to
    meet up with Mike Prendergast over there. He's a good friend, but
    because both our schedules are really busy, it's very hard for us to
    keep in touch. It will be good to see how he is settling in. We always
    keep an eye out for guys who used to play with Munster who are in
    England or France, just to see how they are getting on.

    After that great win over Wasps in Thomond Park in January, it was off
    to Irish Camp. It's "Go! Go! Go!" for the 6-7 weeks we are there. We
    train twice a day and spend a lot of time on the computer studying your
    opposition for the next game, to see what their strengths and
    weaknesses are. You spend a lot of time in the hotel, so it's a treat
    when you get to go out for a walk, go to the cinema with your team
    mates and so on.

    Sometimes, things get a bit silly, especially when Donncha starts
    playing tricks on the players! One day though, I decided to play a
    trick on one of the new boys, Tony "Mushy" Buckley, by putting his size
    16 runners on over my own and walking around in them as if nothing was
    wrong! It took him a while to realise what I was after doing. He wasn't
    very happy with me but everyone else thought it was very funny! Some of
    us have started mixing him up with Donncha too (we think they look
    alike, especially the dark hair and the fact that they are both so
    tall). He doesn't like that either.I think I better stop mixing them
    up, Mushy is a lot bigger than me!!

    We're 2 games into the 6 Nations now. The Italian game was a bit
    disappointing, firstly because I didn't start but more so because we
    knew we could have done a lot better. That's not to take anything away
    from Italy. They are improving every year and are getting harder and
    harder to beat, so we were happy to get the win. I thought we were very
    unlucky against France last weekend. If only we had another 5 minutes
    things may have been different! We improved a lot in the second half,
    but France did score a good few tries in the first half, so it made it
    a bit more difficult for us.

    Did ye all get to have pancakes on Pancake Tuesday? We were allowed
    have 2 each, but Donncha had a lot more, so a few of the players got

    This Lent, I am going to give up helping Donncha tie his tie after
    games! I know, it sounds a bit silly, but I think that if I do, he'll
    learn how to do it himself and won't ask me all the time to do it for
    him! How many of ye know how to tie your school ties? Maybe ye can let
    him know next time ye see him how to do it!

    I must sign off now. We're meeting up for our next training session today and I don't want to be late!

    Talk soon,


    P.S. Elaine in the Supporters' Club tells me there is a rugby camp on
    over the Easter holidays in Clanwilliam RFC, Co Tipperary. If ye
    haven't done so already, make sure ye book your place in the camp for
    you and a friend as the places are nearly full. Go to
    , log in, click on the purchase tab, and follow the instructions (you
    can ask your parents to help you if you don't' know what to do!).

    See you soon!

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  • Lebowski
    started a topic Junior Supporters Club

    Junior Supporters Club

    The young fella got his supporters club pack today and was very happy with all the goodies packed in.

    Thanks to all involved.