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    HC Final Tickets

    Hello there

    Would any of you guys consider helping a tiger?

    If so i'm looking to get 2 tickets to the Heineken cup final at cost price if possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated




    These will be the easiest tickets to get in rugby history....

    cost price?, relax,you might get them for free...even if they manage to find 50K band wagoners for the day.......
    Seas suas agus troid!



      Made this a sticky. Anyone wanting to pass on tickets or sources please post here.

      No touts please!
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        I have a contact who is a Tiger fan, and is willing to also act as a go-between to help make sure that tickets go to genuine Tigers fans rather than touts.


          Count me in. I have one. (Will be delivered from Ticketmaster closer to the match). Face value for a Tiger.
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            Hi am a Tiger fan (genuinely...cut me in half and I am red, green and
            white) sorry to invade your forum, but am also after tickets. Have
            been reading the posts, can anyone help? or put me in contact with
            someone who can?

            Have been to all the Tiger HC qualifiers, and as a member, I am
            starting to get a little edgy about the prospect of getting a ticket.
            I am after two, but if can only get one, I will go on my own.

            Thanks for reading

            ps Meant to say PM me if anyone can help (new to this sort of thing)


              is there anyone in this forum wanting to sell 4 tickets to 4 tiger fans? please pm me with the answer


                Hi, if anyone has 2 tickets they want to pass on please PM me.....

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                final....... - the shame)</font>


                  I have 2 for the lower deck.


                    I have 4 tickets for sale as well. They go for less then face value for a
                    tiger fan [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img]
                    They are Upper tier though, section 208
                    Will be delivered from Ticketmaster closer to the match as well. Let me
                    know if you want them



                      Have a Munterfan looking for a few tickets also! I think two, but I will confirm. If anyone has a couple spare please PM me. Am out of the country for the next few days so won't be able to check for a while but let me know.

                      Ta very,
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                        Talking to Tigers fans over the w/e it seems they will be allocated 9k tix. That will not even cover their season ticket holders.



                          Have 3 tickets available for Twickers final so let me know if interested the tickets are for section 120 and the total cost for the 3 is £164 (£55 per ticket incl credit card fees). Let me know if interested the tickets haven't been recived as yet but can work out the transfer details afterwards if you need them.

                          ***Tickets no longer available, enjoy worcester tiger!*****

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                            May have up to four tickets available for the final - if you are interested PM me.

                            All I want is face value, credit card fees and proof that you are genuine supporters. Under no circumstance need touts apply...
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                              I've two tickets. PM me