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Clermont fans in Limerick

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    Awesome! Come back anytime Frisco but bring your espoirs next time and leave the big names at home!! Glad you enjoyed your time with us
    I am the million man.


      Great stuff Frisco, glad ye enjoyed yourselves. I was in Clermont in 2008 and still rank it as one of my favourite away trips, amazing atmosphere in the stadium and brilliant fans.

      I was in Nancys for lunch on Friday and saw groups of ye arriving, 'voici les mecs qui vont avoir un bon weekend j'avais pensé'
      Marty in the Morning


        I think that each of us traveling to Limerick last week end hoped to have a great journey.
        It was just more than this, whatever the result.

        Au revoir.
        (...) je souhaite que la Providence veille sur la France, pour son bonheur, pour son bien et pour sa grandeur. Au revoir !


          Originally posted by Frisco View Post
          Hey lads,

          We just got back home this morning from this amazing weekend! All I have to say is "Is this the real life?! Is this just fantasy?!". I went back to work this morning, tired as you can be after a weekend like this but the main problem is that I'm kind of homesick (or more precisely "Awaysick"). We had a wonderful time with Munsterfans and especially with Steve whom I'd like to thank again for shepering our little stray cats pack. I hope we didn't bother you man, since I realized we stuck to you for a while! .

          We spend most of our first night between the Curragower (had a beer with Nicky Abendannon's father), Nancy Blakes where we met a couple of Munsterfans and the resident bar of Pier Hotel where we met Steve and Fiona for the first time. Before the game, we went to the LockeBar, the Cauldron, and the Northstar, three really different places but we enjoyed our time in all of them. Then we walked up Ennis road, we started to feel the atmosphere. I won't talk about the game since, well, you know... As it's said "Sorry but, good game" . Then we headed up to the Club House, until they swept us with a couple of empty glasses and cigarette butts . Then Steve told you the end, which I actually can't even remember...

          François, the blue ranger stray cat, speaking in the name of the other french lads, Tristan, Follac and Moute.
          It was a pleasure Frisco.