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Question for Celtic league next season?

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    Question for Celtic league next season?

    Hi UK and Ireland fans

    Hi mate, I just read the BBC website said Scotland will reduce one team from Celtic league rugby. So next season will become 10 teams compition. It is good thing for Threee nation? And good for fans? also .. possible London scotish and wales will take part?

    Please reply..

    thanks for reading

    There was talk of London Welsh joing the Celtic league previously. They are in the lower 1/2 of Division 1 (2nddivision behind premier)in England. With a possible injection of players they may make a credible entry. London Scottish on the other hand lasted 3 years as a proffesional outfit (1996-1999). They went into Administration and a nominal merger with London Irish took place. The original Amateur club now play in division 1 of the London leagues. I'd say it is highly unlikely they would be a credible entry into the CL at this stage.