An interesting article from Dylan Cleaver of the New Zealand Herald.

"Here's what I get if I watch the game, any game, at home: free parking, ultra-fast broadband, my favourite beer of the moment at liquor store prices, my favourite snacks at supermarket prices, multiple replays, a choice of commentary or silence depending on mood, an unimpeded view, the ability to start a little later and fast-forward through breaks. The product is not free because of the broadcast subscription, but it's more cost-effective than a match ticket. My kids, too, can come and go from the lounge depending on their interest (and can get to bed at a reasonable hour).

Here's what I get if I go to the stadium: not much of the above."

"Auckland and Christchurch city officials are pondering what their stadiums of the future should look like. It's a far more complicated question than you might think: do you build for an All Blacks test crowd, or do you build for a Super Rugby crowd?

The first would be based on an optimistic belief that watching live sport will become trendy again. The second option might just be more rooted in reality."