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Is "Spectatorless sport" inevitable?

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    Is "Spectatorless sport" inevitable?

    An interesting article from Dylan Cleaver of the New Zealand Herald.

    "Here's what I get if I watch the game, any game, at home: free parking, ultra-fast broadband, my favourite beer of the moment at liquor store prices, my favourite snacks at supermarket prices, multiple replays, a choice of commentary or silence depending on mood, an unimpeded view, the ability to start a little later and fast-forward through breaks. The product is not free because of the broadcast subscription, but it's more cost-effective than a match ticket. My kids, too, can come and go from the lounge depending on their interest (and can get to bed at a reasonable hour).

    Here's what I get if I go to the stadium: not much of the above."

    "Auckland and Christchurch city officials are pondering what their stadiums of the future should look like. It's a far more complicated question than you might think: do you build for an All Blacks test crowd, or do you build for a Super Rugby crowd?

    The first would be based on an optimistic belief that watching live sport will become trendy again. The second option might just be more rooted in reality."
    COMMENT: What does the sports stadium of the future look like? It doesn't exist.