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east terrace awards ’06

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    east terrace awards ’06

    Not sure if this is the right section to post it, but considering some of the areas that came under scrutiny in the awards I think it's a fairly appropriate area to post. My notes intermingled in italics.

    current pet concern of munster supporters facing into Adidas kit:

    Worst Kit of the Year

    This was the most difficult award decision we made. Virtually all rugby kits are getting pretty ugly now. But for some reason the French, who for so long were the epitome of cool when it came to rugby shirts (and are one of the few national teams to have a clean, sponsor-free national kit), have a domestic league full of nothing but nasty kits.

    The French domestic league is almost to disgusting to watch from a fashion point of view. But Albi (see image) pip out a multitude of other domestic offenders.

    Runner-up: Either of the current Welsh kits, but particularly the change one. Have a cry by looking at the kitshere.

    Biggest threat to the future of the sport

    It isn’t television money, it isn’t injury concerns, it isn’t proposed scrum law changes, it isn’t even player burnout, it’s the football style material/collar/design being increasingly being used for rugby jerseys (see Wales/ almost any French League team).

    If the fans stop buying them, they’ll stop making them. Simple. It’s YOUR fault.

    We don’t want to hear anymore ‘But I have to support my team’ nonsense. If the kit is awful, then you shouldn’t buy it. End of story.

    If you have no taste and need to clarify which kit is acceptable, then email us We’ll put you straight.

    Most idiotic supporters in rugby

    Anyone who has bought a football style rugby jersey and, thus, increased the chances of us having more of them in the future.

    And here are the munster related awards:

    Most Relaxed, Laid Back, Casual Defensive Play of the Year

    Biarritz - European Cup Final against Munster .

    Any team that has the confidence in a European Cup final to defend a 5m scrum, near the touchline by moving their scrum-half AND blind-side winger infield deserves our full respe…oh, hang on? Whoops.

    Best display of irritatingly waving hands in the air in despair/anguish/horror/outrage and appealing to the referee whilst ball still in play

    Peter Stringer

    various other tidbits

    Haircut of the Year

    Jerry Collins (please note if you are reading this Jerry, we mean this in a good way, honest).

    Why don’t Guinness sponsor him?

    Rugby broadcasters with most ridiculous, inappropriate choice of camera angles in live rugby coverage

    BBC my own view would be setanta are even worse

    Rugby broadcasters with the most annoying habit of missing live action by showing overlong replays of unimportant incidents


    Rugby broadcasters with the most annoying habit of missing restarts, kickoffs and lineouts and scrums with irritating crowd shots

    BBC <A href="" target="_blank">(see our columnists view on the matter)
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