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Flags and Banners for Leicester match

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    Flags and Banners for Leicester match

    We will be using 3 flags for the game on Saturday

    The Red Army will be flown on the Mayorstone 22 of the East Terrace

    A Giant Munster Jersy will be flown on the Ballananty 22 of the East Terrace

    Allez les Rouges will be flown on the North Terrace

    As always flags will be flown for a minute or 2 prior to kick off but will be down before kick off and will not reappear during the match. For those of you who are not enamoured by the flags please tolerate us for this short time. The rest of you who are in any of the above locations please lend a hand and encourage those around you to do likewise.

    Hopefully we will get to fly the flags as Leicester come out.

    We will also be making use of all nine banners on Saturday.

    Excellent stuff Glorob, loooking forward to seeing all that RED on Staurday.
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      Congratulations on a job well done last weekend Glorob!
      Best of luck with them this weekend!

      With the Leicester fans down the North Terrace could there be any issues?

      Hibernicis natione, Mumhan per gratiam Dei



        Thanks to

        Lebowski and his pals for looking after Alles Les Rouges on the North Terrace

        To waynen and Drick for looking after the Jersey on the East Terrace.

        To the 6 MRSC members ( I am not sure if any post here) who held the 2 banners on the pitch for the Guard of Honour.

        To the unknown footsoldier who helped me with the Red Army Flag on the East terrace

        To Huron and his brother, Chocolat and Corker, Footsoldier,Langford, Marie and Shanefor the use of their banners.

        To chocolat again for organising the flags on Brown Thomas and Debenhams and to both stores for flying them.

        To Tony McGrath, MRSC Secretary and Trish Drinan, Commercial Executive, Munster Branch for all their assistance.



          Could I add a thank you to the owners of Pride and Believe for their offers of help. In addition a big thank you to Limerick CC, Co-ordination office and Shannon Development ofr paying for both the flags and the cost of putting them up again. Also to the staff of Ianrod Eireann and members of Young Munsters who decorated the bus. I know none of you had tickets but the effort was greatly appreciated.



            I say well done to ye all, they looked fantastic as always. Made you proud to be a Munsterfan
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