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Bar to watch match in Buenos Aires

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    Bar to watch match in Buenos Aires


    Can anyone recommend a bar to watch the game in Buenos Aires? Been to 3 of the Irish bars here and they are not great. Would be nice to find a good rugby pub here. Cheers.

    Can't help on the bar front but if your in a bad way to see the game andhave access to a PCwith broadband internet you could do worse then check out and go to their rugby channel. you'll be able to view the munster game as a pay per view event for $4.99. not as much fun as a bar but an alternative if you can't get anywhere.



      Hey spud686.

      Appreciate the reply. I was just checking the site there and they have the match listed. However when I went to buy and pay for the stream it tells me that the game is not available in the UK, Ireland, France, italy , Australia and New zealand, and Latin America. Which nearly rules out all major Rugby plating nations. I have seen this before with other sites where you basically need to be in the US to view the match online. Not sure why but its got to do with viewing rites. They are losing out big time anyway but surely I can still purchase the game and fool thewm to think I am from US or something. Have you used them before and are you in US or Ireland ? Thanks again for the reply.



        Doh! Thats right, Sorry.for some strange reason the games can't be viewed in South America! Really strange because I'm sure the demand can't be that high down there, well except in Argentina!! I suspect Rupert Murdoch's evil empire (Sky) have something to do with it.

        I'm not a PC buff, but I imagine they'd be able to identify the I.P address of your PC and internet provider, know which country your in and block it that way.

        The other alternative is to check the Setanta website and see if thay broadcast in South america. Another alternative is to see ifRTE radio are broadcasting the game over the net. It's a very awkward time thought 1PM on a Sunday, would disrupt the 'This week' program!!! Failing that the ERC do a match tracker thing, which is very basic but may help solve the problem.

        I've just moved to Canada, Calgary to be exact. Not having much luck here, but with a 1pm K.O which is 6AM here;thereisn't a pub open at that hour, not for a pool game anyway. Good luck with trying to get the game(some how)!



          The Kilkenny is a popular Irish Pub. It's on a street called Reconquista which isn't too far from the Malvinas Memorial

 enny_buenos_aires_argentina .

          Or maybe it's one of the Irish Pubs you've already visited. Why not try ringing a rugby club.
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