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    Originally posted by McCloud View Post
    Well back again for this coming weekend 6 miles again. Wish I could say I'm fitter then ever but that would be a lie.
    Rome wasn't built in a day. Am in the same boat.

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      G'luck McC, I hope the legs are getting used to it by now. :)
      Tis but a scratch.


        Combination of walking and running this Sunday, as I've managed little or no training. Finished just barely outside the hour for 10k in 2016, high up in my age group (not telling). My Flanneryesque calves are an issue, to say the least.
        It is a wonderful event for the city, and a great focus for charities, especially local ones. Mrs IC and I do it for Stroll for Sproggy, in memory of the son of friends who died suddenly 7 years ago before he reached 2 years. This years charity is CF, last year it was Clionas Foundation, a local one.


          Was assessed at work as morbidly obese about 4-5 years back - took up cycling gradually on my own (hybrid bike)
          Over the years upgraded bikes and joined a club. I liked my pints and food and sweet stuff - but gradually cut these well back (a gall bladder removal helped cutting back enormously) and over this time in a very gradual manner noticed jeans getting looser and my young child said to me - "your belly isnt as big" (bless the honesty)
          Still overweight but still getting there and weight down about 1.5 to 2 stone and I aint tall!

          My point is to , those struggling - keep with it and dont expect overnight miracles! But you will get there and treats are allowed ! everything in moderation!
          "I've got lots of potatos that need peeling and manure that needs shovelling" -M. Burns :_skull__rvmp_by_bad