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The length of games in all sports.

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    The length of games in all sports.

    Interesting article in the Grauniad on how games have lengthened over the years.

    "Among the notionally fixed-time sports, rugby matches used to start at 3pm with an on-field orange at half-time. The players were back in the dressing room before 4.30 and heading for the first pint. For 4.30 and pint read 5pm and beetroot juice."

    "Wimbledon managed for decades with no tie-breaks (until 1971), 12 days’ play not 13, 2pm starts, no Centre Court roof and low-tech covers, and somehow got by. Now there is pressure to have tie-breaks in final sets too. Meanwhile, in snooker this year Fergal O’Brien took a record 123 minutes to win a single frame and qualify for the World Championship. And so on. And on."

    He reckons that this is good for the live sport TV companies. The longer a game goes on, the more time there is for ads.

    Raeburn Shield fixtures unaffected?

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