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Sweden v Republic of Ireland

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    Originally posted by Boo-boo View Post
    ah crap! That was tough. 2-2 fulltime. The equiliser scored at 91.55. sickening.
    have to disagree Boo - tws coming from the moment that Crap decided to defend the minimum lead. I'm actually surprised that Austria didn't put 3 or 4 goals on us in that period - they had a lest 5 clear cut chances and converted only 1, Germany or Sweden would have converted all of 'em.

    Looking back it's easy to see that a moderately competent manager would have kept the shape and got the team to score a few more; as they say once you start looking behind you fall behind. Once we took the lead we were looking behind.....

    His inane substitutions just confirmed how much he's lost the plot. That the lads on the field in the last 10 minutes completely panicked just added fuel to a fire already out of control. Austria are poor but at least they didn't lose the plot - we did. Contrast with Sweden a few days ago when the guys played quite well (if not with enough ambition...). If someone could get Crap out of the frame we are capable of beating the Austrians in their home patch - they are very poor in certain areas.


      Originally posted by Tobyglen View Post
      Trap gets 30K a week for that tripe. A baboon would have known that Sammon was wrecked after 60 mins, our best player was taken off (Long) & our most technically skilled (Hoolahan) was left on the bench. At least Trap gave us a laugh by starting the interview off in German.....twice.
      Well said Toby; had Hoolahan been on at least we'd have someone to play and keep the ball in their danger area. The last free kick we earned said it all - couldn't give it to 'em quick enough. Remember Brady putting his foot on the ball once and just watching everyone stop playing - all watching him. We needed someone with that coolness (& nerve) tonight. I'd agree we have nobody with his class or skills but neither do Austria.

      Very frustrating to watch a team implode like that...!