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CRICKET - ICC World Twenty 20 Tournament

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    Thank the gods the crims are out.
    Definition of Insanity. Playing the same game plan over and over again expecting a different result.


      What a great final! Great WI pressure has led to Sri Lanka losing 4 wickets in 16 balls. UPDATE - Make that 5 wickets in 22 balls!

      So despite a really disastrous start, it looks as though the WIndies are going to win fairly easily.
      New infraction avoidance policy: a post may be described as imbecilic, but its author should never be described as an imbecile.


        Great result for the West Indies. Hope this, along with the Jamaican T & F success will start luring the Carribean youth culture away from the insidiousness of basketball and its 'street' nihilism. Since the days of Viv and Joel the windies have always been my favorite team and I am pleased to see them winning something.


          Now PP, don't start grovelling..........
          Be great to see the WI back to their best. What fast bowlers, what batsmen they can turn out.
          Not surprising they are good at 20/20, explosive power and the slaughtering of bowling comes naturally to them.