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FAI fine Derry City

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    FAI fine Derry City

    From the Derry Journal. A bit of a PR disaster for John Delaney.

    <div style="font-weight: bold;" id="ds-line" ="ds-line">Derry fined e5,000 by F.A.I!

    <div style="font-style: italic;" id="ds-firstpara" ="ds-firstpara">Derry
    City officials are furious that the Football Association of Ireland
    have imposed a e5,000 fine on the 'Candy Stripes' following the
    publication of a story on the club's website.</div>
    <div style="font-style: italic;" id="va-text" ="va-text">
    'Another Fine Mess,' the article centred on the FAI's handling of the
    controversial Shelbourne affair but the F.A.I., through their eircom
    League director, Mr. Fran Gavin, has informed the club that it had
    contravened the F.A.I.'s Participation Agreement and the Executive
    Committee had fined the local club e5,000.
    And should the 'offending
    article' not be removed by yesterday (Monday), additional fines of
    e1,000 for every day it remained on the site would be imposed.
    City refused to comment publicly on the matter last night and passed
    the alleged difficulty over to the club's solicitor, Mr. Des Doherty
    who insisted that the 'Candy Stripes' would contest such a fine.
    Mr. Doherty, in a strongly worded letter of reply, has criticised the
    F.A.I. on a number of points, none more so than the way football's
    governing body had dealt with the controversy.
    "The fine will be contested in the strongest possible terms," confirmed Mr. Doherty. </div>
    <div style="font-style: italic;" id="va-date" ="va-date">06 March 2007</div>

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