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    interesting time trial for podium places.
    Roglic has 19 seconds to make to catch Dumoulin, and froome 13 to catch Roglic.

    The only racing left is between 3 for silver and bronze. Congrats to the welsh lad, anyone know what he’s taking? Asthma and pollen have been used, maybe a hair loss product or special suncream tablets.


      Originally posted by SkullinPints View Post

      Rowing non-technical ....? By that reckoning you should be able to transfom team sky into the fastest lightweight 8 ever....

      Rowing technique is what gives the boat speed ....Yes fitness and power output count - but if you dont have balance rhythm and technique through the application of the blade from catch to finish you are going nowhere
      All sports are technical to some extent. You may have missed the actual point I was making. By comparison to the sports I listed, amongst many others I might add, Rowing is not in my own opinion. I say again, by comparison!!

      The article wouldn't prove otherwise at all at all imo.

      But that's all an aside from the main point I was making.... taking a gold medal Olympic cyclist, an 1% elite level athlete, and getting him do to well at GC over a period of years, there's nothing unbelievable about that.

      Congrats to Thomas. Great achievement. Delighted for him.
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        Well, sky are pulling out of cycling after the 2019 season. Imho it's probably the best thing that could happen to the sport. Drugs aside, the difference in funding between sky and their competitors had the sport destroyed. Hopefully we'll see some competitive tour de France with exciting mountain stages.
        When things go wrong, blame McGahan


          Apparently you are never to old.


            Eddie Dunbar 3rd in today’s Giro stage
            previous winner of the U23 Tour of Flanders
            one to watch over the next couple of years