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    Cricket World Cup Tickets

    Hi Guys,

    due to the fact that Mrs Krusty is due ( yes to deliver the next heir or heiress to the Krust fortune ) on March 9th, the beautiful contents of a FedEx envelope that arrived yesterday cannot be used by the Krustys.

    In said envelope I received

    4 tickets to West Indies v Pakistan for March 13th

    4 tickets to Ireland v Zimbabwe for March 15th

    4 tickets to Ireland v Pakistan for March 17th

    The tickets for the Ireland games were $50 each

    The tickets for the WI v Pak game were $100 each

    All are CAT 1 tickets.

    All are for sale - 'sniff'. PM me if interested

    Good luck with the birth, unfortunately I can't take them off your hands


      Yeah priorities and all that. But come hell or high water ( or waters[img]smileys/confused.gif[/img] ) these will not end up on feckin eBay.



        Try here Krusty - and the best of luck - to both you and your missus, I mean!

        New infraction avoidance policy: a post may be described as imbecilic, but its author should never be described as an imbecile.


          Thanks OD