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    Extract from Corcoran’s book

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>TUESDAY, 25 JULY 2006 DONAL OG CUSACK rings me at work. He's concerned.@@@@/SPAN>
    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>We need to raise our game, otherwise we won't beat Waterford .@@@@/SPAN>
    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>He's phoned a few other players and wants to talk after training tonight. John Allen isn't available, so there won't be a full-scale team meeting until Friday, but this year's and last year's reps should bounce a few ideas together about how to approach that group meeting.@@@@/SPAN>

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>So we meet. I say that what brought us two All Irelands isn't going to bring us a third; we need to do something different. Ger Cunningham noticed how on Sunday night after the draw was made all the commentators were saying that Waterford must be happy they got us rather than Kilkenny. We're seen as the softer touch, as a team that perhaps is getting tired, that doesn't have the old hunger. We have to come out a different animal to the one that just about survived Limerick last Saturday.@@@@/SPAN>

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>I suggest that we start Friday's meeting by showing the last five minutes of the 2004 Munster final. There's nothing like a dose of reality to stir the fire within. The lads concur. Donal Og will organise that. John will open Friday's meeting, and then a few of us will talk.@@@@/SPAN>

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>We're to speak with more passion than ever. The real big push has started.@@@@/SPAN>
    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>FRIDAY, 28 JULY We have all been notified by text to be at Pairc Ui Chaoimh for 6.30p. m. I arrive with 10 minutes to spare. Already, most of the lads are congregated in the main hall and Donal Og is pacing up and down.@@@@/SPAN>

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>We all sit around in a large circle. John starts the DVD of the final minutes of the 2004 Munster final. [Seamus] Prendergast's point.@@@@/SPAN>

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>[Ken] McGrath's catch. The final whistle.@@@@/SPAN>@@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>Their crowd flooding onto the pitch.@@@@/SPAN>
    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>John presses the stop button, then asks me to speak.@@@@/SPAN> @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>"I don't know about the rest of ye, " I say, "but it sickens me to relive that. I don't want to have to relive it on Sunday week.@@@@/SPAN>

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>"John got some stick after the Clare game for saying something publicly that I have said many times within this group. The only team that will beat us is ourselves. How do we do that? We do it by not being mentally ready, by not preparing properly, by not having the right attitude.@@@@/SPAN>

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>"In coaching, they talk about 'deserving victory'. You have to feel that you deserve to win.@@@@/SPAN> @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>I have no doubt that Waterford believe they deserve to win. Why do they think that?@@@@/SPAN> @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>Maybe it's because some of their players have been around for a long time and haven't won an All Ireland. Maybe it's because they believe that they are better than us. The reality is that they have had plenty of chances and haven't taken them.@@@@/SPAN>

    @@@@SPAN lang=en-gb>"Now, why do I believe that we deserve to win? No other team has made more sacrifices than us. No other team has been as professional a

    Excellent stuff. Can't wait to read the whole thing.
    Grandpa Simpson: The last time the meteors came, we thought the sky was on fire. Naturally, we blamed the Irish. We hanged more \'n a few.



      Their aren't too many great books on hurling. If the extract is anything to go by, then this could one of the first really great one's. Will have to buy it now !.


        What an amazing memory ! Or maybe he was keeping a diary ?


          maybe he's the finest hurler Cork have produced in 25 years and h'es a gentleman to boot



            Originally posted by Point
            What an amazing memory ! Or maybe he was keeping a diary ?
            I can remember stuff from when I was playing football when I was 13/14. Little things that seem insignificant. If you are immersed in the game, and in his case his whole life basically revolved around it, you'll remember every little detail. It helps to have a brain in your head too mind.
            Grandpa Simpson: The last time the meteors came, we thought the sky was on fire. Naturally, we blamed the Irish. We hanged more \'n a few.


              " Waterford are playing for greatness within their own county. We are
              playing for greatness within the history of the game of hurling.

              Our goal is greater."

              what a F***ing arsehole I actually thought that Corcoran was a gent
              turns out hes just another knob. What is it about Cork and arrogance

              It was nice to see him taken down a peg or two in the Sunday Indo :
              Terry who? Look man I aint playing the name game up in here Theres a reason why Mr. Felcher chose me in the first round....I\'m an impact player!!!


                Sunday Indo

                Corcoran joins 'trash talkers'

                Sunday November 19th 2006

                ONE of the most appealing features of the GAA has always been the
                obvious respect the players have for each other. No matter how hard
                the game is or how fierce the rivalry, hurlers and footballers have
                nothing but praise for each other when they leave the pitch.

                Football and hurling have been spared the tabloid-driven bad-
                mouthing culture of soccer. The habit is so prevalent in American
                sport they even have a name for it, 'Trash Talk.' That's why the
                recent macho media posturing of the Australian Rules players struck
                such a false note. Whatever their other faults, GAA players don't go
                in for that kind of useless chat.

                Or at least they didn't. Not till the release of Brian Corcoran's
                autobiography in which the Cork player decides to dispense with the
                good manners which up till now have been central to relations
                between teams.

                Corcoran reveals that in the run-up to Cork's All-Ireland hurling
                semi-final against Waterford, the Rebels had two posters made up,
                entitled, 'Our World,' and 'Their World.' Our World contained a list of
                the many positive qualities possessed by Cork. Their World listed the
                qualities the Corkmen thought were typical of Waterford, including,
                "Losing. Fighting Among Themselves. Playing for oneself, not the
                team. Relying on luck. Bringing others down to their level."

                There you have it. Cork's opinion of Waterford, not merely used in
                the build-up to the game but proudly repeated in print by Corcoran.
                You can't finesse this one or minimise it. According to Cork,
                Waterford's players fight among themselves, play for themselves
                rather than the team, rely on luck and bring others down to their
                level. It is probably the most insulting thing to be written about one
                group of hurlers by another.

                Elsewhere Corcoran accuses Waterford of being a group of
                individuals rather than a team, claims that Tony Browne gave up in
                the 2005 All-Ireland quarter-final, something which a Cork player
                would never do, and notes that Waterford clubs seem to be
                perpetually fighting each other in the latter stages of their county

                To top it all, he notes that the big difference between the current
                Cork and Waterford teams is that, "they are playing for greatness
                within their own county but we are playing for greatness in the
                history of hurling."

                These insults would be bad enough if they were true. But they are
                actually a distortion of reality which gravely traduce a team which
                has given much to hurling over the last decade.

                Take that line about, "bringing others down to their level." Well, the
                best game of hurling in recent years was the 2004 Munster final when
                Waterford actually brought hurling up to a level that Cork could not

                I have not noticed the likes of Paul Flynn, Ken McGrath, Tony Browne
                and Dan Shanahan playing for themselves and not the team either.
                And I'm not convinced that Eoin Kelly, John Mullane and Dave
                Bennett rely on luck rather than skill.

                This idea that Cork do everything right and Waterford do everything
                wrong is bizarre in the extreme. Cork have enormous resources of
                population to call on, much greater than that of any other hurling
                county. Their current team includes players with All-Ireland under-21
                and minor medals. Waterford, by contrast, have had little success at
                under-age level and have nothing like Cork's pick. In the
                circumstances Justin McCarthy's two Munster titles may be just as
                impressive a feat as the two All-Irelands Donal O'Grady and
                Terry who? Look man I aint playing the name game up in here Theres a reason why Mr. Felcher chose me in the first round....I\'m an impact player!!!


                  Who wrote the article in the Indo?


                    Eamonn Sweeney. He's usually OK but I don't know what his problem with Corcoran is. Although it's probably moreso a problem with the Cork hurlers in general.
                    Grandpa Simpson: The last time the meteors came, we thought the sky was on fire. Naturally, we blamed the Irish. We hanged more \'n a few.


                      I got the book and was reading it at the weekend. His book is ghost written by The Sunday Tribune chief GAA writer, so maybe the Sindo were trying to do a knife job on their competitors. Corcoran's book is very frank, the worst possible quotes from it are shown in the Sindo piece.

                      The only one I thought was clearly out of order to put in was the list from the sports psychologist of qualities of the the two teams. If people are to slate the guy, or defend him they should genuinely read the book, and the context of the quotes, which doesn't make them sound nearly as bad. He makes a number of positive comments about Waterford also. He said that they were one of only two teams that could really feel they could beat Cork, that despite the rivalry he wished that Dan Shanahan etc. would achieve success, and their goals. The book is partly written in diary form, so he was writing what he believed at the time, the quotes are taken from the diary part.

                      I wouldn't have bought the book if I thought it would be a piece of PC blandness, and it's certainly not that. Overall it's one of the best sports books I've read in years, as it gives an unvarnished account of what it is to be an inter county hurler, and what it takes.


                        Well, the Sweeney article should shift a few more units down Waterford and Kilkenny way![img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]

                        Grandpa Simpson: The last time the meteors came, we thought the sky was on fire. Naturally, we blamed the Irish. We hanged more \'n a few.


                          I read the article before I read that extract and was agreeing with Sweeney somewhat, but based on the extract I dont see anything wrong with what Corcoran was saying.
                          \"Golf is a game for c**ts\" Ronnie Drew


                            If you read the book then the Cork coaching staff could get offended, certainly John Allen. Donal O'Grady didn't come out of the book perfectly either. The County Board comes out of it badly. Some Cork players and club sides come out of the book badly. But, really only if people want to take the worst possible meaning from his comments do they come out badly. Certainly the Cork lads won't be getting too upset. I'm sure Wateford etc. will paste his comments to the dressing room door, and they will make life more difficult for Cork next year. It's still a good read, that doesn't hold back.


                              I don't see how you could write an honest sporting autobiography in this day and age without offending someone.
                              Grandpa Simpson: The last time the meteors came, we thought the sky was on fire. Naturally, we blamed the Irish. We hanged more \'n a few.