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Tiger Woods 2007 PS2

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    Tiger Woods 2007 PS2

    Got the game from my brother for Christmas and after a few weeks, am now on the pro tour. All going well I thought until last night.

    Shot a first round 60(Par 72) and was 4 shots clear

    Shot a second round 61, and was tied for the lead.

    After one hole of round 3, I checked the scoreboard and was 12 shots behind. Els had shot a 55 (17 under). So I knuckled down and shot another 61. Amazingly this left me 10 shots behind, in tied 11th.

    When I started my last round, I was in tied 68th place, on 32 under par. Els and 6 others shot 52's on their last round. 20 under par for one round!!!. I finished with a 63 and a total score of 41 under par, and only came tied 18th!!

    I have the game on medium difficulty, but fu##ing hell, how do you win??
    Wally_fan 25/04/09
    \"bump bump bump, trying to keep the thread up there. holy mary im drunk. and in love with trish. although you all dont care about that. doesnt matter, i still love her\"

    On the video game version 24/25 under is possible so i reckon thats wat u need to be aiming for