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    I'd reckon Wenger is fairly safe, he has worked wonders with
    a small budget compared to his rivals budget. First to go will
    surely not be him.

    Good price on DJ, well spotted bitter.
    \"Only Pienaar, Botha and Ferris would be in contention for a place on our first 15. That\'s a fact.\" - Tickettout\'s take on Ulster April 2011.


      I'm not a gambler, but I had a feeling this morning. The odds were too good to pass up, so I put a fiver on Munster to win outright. First time I've won money in a bookies since I was 10 and got a horse each way in a Point to Point. I'm delighted with myself.

      Crossposting that intro from the match thread today. I won big! €7.50 profit after my try scorers didn't come up. Still, 'twas enjoyable. Like I said, the last time I won a bet was when I was 10, I'd say I've bet about 5 times in the past ten years apart from poker, which I don't have the patience for. If I did want to bet, say I took my €17.50 gambling money and played around putting €1 bets down what's the best way to go about it? I don't know anything about the ins and outs. I don't know anything about the different sites. Ladbrokes annoyed me because their chat-help was useless for helping, just copying and pasting from the T&Cs.

      Any betting advice? I'd mostly be looking at rugby, after that I dunno. I was a horsey kid. And I know Manchester Utd are going to win the premiership. I'm not looking for tips, just advice on where to go and how to do this. A learning experience for entertainment.
      I know something that will blow your minds. I can't tell you and I can't tell you why I can't tell you. You'll know soon and then I'll be confirmed right.


        Buceph I do a small few for Cheltenham and a few quid on the national, then the odd rugby bet, my advice would be to stay out of the bookies 99 days out of a 100, stick to small money and enjoy it, be disciplined though and never chase losses
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          I have no intention of going into a bookies. I'm happiest sitting behind a computer. I suppose part of this is that I've long wanted to make a sort-of-like Football Manager game but based on a mix of Pokemon, Blood Bowl, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and horse breeding: breed Pokemon to fight to the death in a pseudo-sport that's based on money and corruption. Part of that is a gambling system. Also, I liked putting a pound on the horses at the Point to Points.
          I know something that will blow your minds. I can't tell you and I can't tell you why I can't tell you. You'll know soon and then I'll be confirmed right.


   by far and away the best web offering. If you are planning on small stakes betting first try scorers is a good one, as is "anytime" tryscorers i.e. to score in 80 mins...there are hundreds of different options for rugby betting with will prob get a few free bets offers when you open the account too.

            if you dont want to use your credit card you can open it online, and go into a PP shop with your cash and they will put it into the account over the counter.


              For the Masters I have backed pre tournament
              Justin Rose at 25/1(now 18/1)
              Peter Hanson 100/1 (now 70/1)

              Reckon a few quid on Stewart Cink on betfair might be a decent bet. Should be able to pick up odds of 250/1 (150/1 with PP now) and look to lay if his odds shortern.
              \"God gave me the talent but the forwards gave me the ball\" - Jannie De Beer

              \"I hesitate to use words like spiritual or religious, but to see what rugby means to Munster people is very moving\" Shaun Payne

              I look back on 2008 at the Millennium Stadium as the highlight of my career because, although being capped by New Zealand and playing for the All Blacks was fantastic, this was special. - Doug Howlett


                Ospreys at 7/1 to win the Grand Final of the Rabo, 5/6 starters of the Welsh pack, will have a bit of that.


                  Hi Buceph. My advice for what it is worth, as a gambler with a mixed record over the years of sometime learning from mistakes and sometimes not, is to bet on something which you have a fair amount of knowledge about but that you don't have too much of an emotional attachment to.

                  I note you won on a bet on Munster. I am going to assume you are a Munster supporter and that you therefore do have an emotional attachment. Well of course this can work at time but I'd be wary of betting on your own team too much because it is difficult to remain objective in this scenario.

                  Also doing a lots of exotic bets is what the bookies want you to do so wariness is called for here too. By exotic I mean not just straight result based bets. Things like times of scores, first scorer, winning margins and the like.

                  Lastly doing accumulator bets is generally a way to give your money away. Bookies love these bets because people dream of the big payout but the chances of winning are probably somewhere near the chances of winning the lottery. There is nothng a bookie loves more than reporting somebody has won half a million pounds on some accumulator bet. The next day a million hopefuls will be in placing these bets which cost little but are lost almost every time. They can afford the million payout each month when they are accepting 10 million a week in these bets.


                    What's the story with live video streams of stuff? I've checked out a few places. For anything horse related they want a bet on each race (which I wouldn't be up for.) For other stuff it seems mostly to be a positive account. Is one site good for streams, in that they carry more?

                    Also, looking at horse racing, form guides seem to cost a fortune. The free ones give little information and don't carry back very far.
                    I know something that will blow your minds. I can't tell you and I can't tell you why I can't tell you. You'll know soon and then I'll be confirmed right.


                      I only really look at the horse racing online. You can watch RacingUK and Attheraces on P2P sites. I think Betfair may be the best but not sure on this.

                      Racing Post has plenty of form which is free. I am not sure how far back it goes but definitely includes all races run by 1991 Ever Ready Derby winner, Generous. :)