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    RTE’s CL Coverage

    More brilliant sidestepping from Dunphy et al last night.

    When asked to preview the Arsenal match, the 3 wise men dismissed Arsenals chances. they stated that Milan would have too much firepower for the Gunners, especially in the San Siro. They are the champions of europe after all.

    Cue the end of the match, and the same 3 were asked to comment on Arsenals 2-0 win. Dunphy said that Milan were an old team and this wasn't a surprise result. Whelan and Souness agreed, both stating that Milan were a poor team. Luckily I recorded the match, and was able to go back and hear their pregame predictions again.

    Incidentally, Dunphy also reckoned that Celtic would get a result in the Camp Nou!

    Is this what i pay my licence to watch? BTW, RTE haven't shown Arsenal yet this season. How many times have they shown Man U and Liverpool?

    On an aside, anybody see the mercurial haircut, Craig Doyle, hosting the ITV CL highlights last night. My God, he is rubbish.
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    In fairness it's gas watching them. Dumphy is just a sensationalist. Poor Ronnie would get confused if he was asked to count the whole way up to double figures and Graham is trying not to let Dumphy rise him too much for fear of another heart attack.
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      Im fairness i thought Doyle was alright!! Better than watching that tripe on Network 2
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        I don't get RTE but to be fair to Dunphy after watching the Celtic game last night 1-0 was a result!!
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          Doyle is one the biggest arseholes i have ever seen on television, the bbc got rid of him from the sports presenting job, he still does a bit for them though. Way too smug, i also seen him on the miriam o callaghan show and he nearly made me sick.

          Regards Dunphy, he's the same as Hook-terrible at making predictions but great entertainment. I wouldnt change them for the world.



            Nothing wrong with RTE's Celtic League coverage, considering they don't have the rights. Why is everyone talking about soccer?
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              they could get rid of Darragh Maloney though, the guy hasn't got a clue whats going on around him
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                The Arsenal game was great to watch, great technical and tactical play, Arsenal were able to rekindle some of their early season form. I wouldn't take much notice of Dunphy, he is like a poor man's soccer version of Hook.



                  Originally posted by REBEL IN EXILE
                  I don't get RTE but to be fair to Dunphy after watching the Celtic game last night 1-0 was a result!!

                  Neither do I, and I've been watching it for donkey's years.



                    RTE = MUTV 2.

                    They'll always show the manks over anyone else so its no surprise they showed them again the other night. Gave up watching their pre and post match analisys cos its always kack,dumphy hasn't a notion about football but he brings entertainment(ya right)[img]smileys/confused.gif[/img]and i just like soccers version of hooke. Giles at least can bring a bit of reason and football knowledge to the debate