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Nothing here move on..Please

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    Nothing here move on..Please

    @@@@SPAN id="news_content">@@@@SPAN>What a load of s**t. Not only is competion for consumer affected but what will happen to al the jobs in Fermoy??

    BUPA to pull out of Irish market over risk equalisation [img]smileys/evil.gif[/img]@@@@/SPAN>
    @@@@SPAN>14/12/2006 - 12:38:01@@@@/SPAN><div align="right"></div>Health-insurance firm BUPA has announced that it is pulling out of the Irish market.

    In a statement on its website, the company says it has no choice but to make the decision and is doing so with great regret.

    had warned that it would leave the Ireland market after the High
    Court's recent decision to uphold the risk-equalisation scheme.

    The ruling meant BUPA would have had to pay compensation to the state-owned VHI because of its younger client base.

    The company claimed the move would force it to hand over €161m to its rival, even though its profits would be just €64m.

    Its decision to quit the market leaves the field open for Vivas to target BUPA’s 15% market share, around 500,000 customers.

    can come mod please close this....
    Apologes didnt see the open post [img]smileys/redface.gif[/img]