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Princess Di’s death - your views

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    Princess Di’s death - your views

    Was she murdered? Was it a tragic accident? Was she pregnant? Where did that white car that clipped the Merc go? Do you care?

    BBC News

    An official UK police inquiry into the Paris car crash which killed Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed has found no evidence the couple were murdered.
    Lord Stevens, who led the three-year investigation, said the crash was a "tragic accident".

    The inquiry report said chauffeur Henri Paul, who also died, was speeding and over the legal drink-drive limit.

    The princess, 36, and Mr Al Fayed, 42, died when their Mercedes crashed in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in August 1997.

    Part of the inquiry's remit has been to investigate the conspiracy theories.

    The findings - contained within an 832 page document - form part of the inquest, due to resume next year, into the deaths of the couple.

    Lord Stevens told a news conference in London the report addresses the key issues emerging from a "most complex and challenging" investigation.

    Lord Stevens said he hoped the report would bring "some closure"

    "I have no doubt that speculation as to what happened that night will continue and that there are some matters, as in many other investigations, about which we may never find a definitive answer.

    "However, I do not believe that any evidence currently exists that can substantiate the allegation of conspiracy to murder that has been made."

    Princess Diana was not engaged or about to get engaged and was not pregnant, he said.

    Some 400 people, including Prince Charles, the Duke of Edinburgh and the heads of MI5 and MI6, were interviewed by the inquiry.

    Referring to claims by Dodi's father, Mohamed al Fayed, the report said there was no evidence of a connection between the Duke of Edinburgh and MI6.

    Mr Stevens said the various legal cases currently being pursued by Mr Al Fayed through the French courts are "unlikely, in my opinion, to have any bearing on my conclusion that there was no conspiracy or cover up".

    He said: "I very much hope that all the work we have done and the publication of this report will help to bring some closure to all who continue to mourn the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul."

    The crash took place as the couple were pursued by paparazzi photographers during the drive from the Ritz hotel to Mr Al Fayed's flat.

    A French investigation into the crash concluded Mr Paul had lost control of the car because he was driving too fast while under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs.
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    If her name was A. N. Other would there be such an interest. Car travelling at high speed through a tunnel goes out of control all killed. No mystery there.
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      theres one thing for sure the outcome of the report as "tragic accident" was as predictable as night follows day.

      course she was murdered-even an idiot can see that

      If the lessons of history teach us anything it is that nobody learns the lessons that history teaches us.


        Who cares...


          I blame the ERC...
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            Originally posted by munsterforever
            course she was murdered-even an idiot can see that
            Pretty elaborate way to go about things and depends on so many coincidence.

            Personally I don't give a damn, I despise the idea of royalty.
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              Originally posted by CardiffMatt
              Who cares...

              Quite a lot of people CM. Not for a second am I saying I agreed with all her "causes", and I believe she was extremely media savvy, but ....

              She was a light in an otherwise dark British establishment. Despite her faults, she stood up to the Royal family, had a history of being a bit of an outsider, and was passionate about charitable causes.

              Frankly, I admired her, but do think her death was a tragic accident. Those photographers who took pictures of her dying should be, imho, strung up - not because she was a Princess, but because she was human.
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                I'm with Fitzy on this.

                She got a raw deal on life.



                  Agree Matt. Top man.
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                    What I should have said was...who cares now, nearly 10 years later. The only person who would have cared would have been the publicity seeking Sloane herself. It must give her great pleasure that even after all this time there are still investigations into what was, in effect, a car crash.

                    If only she had worn a seatbelt then none of this pulaver would be going on...



                      Was she married to the one with th ears or the jaw?

                      One can never be quite sure on this matter.
                      It happened, and I was there.
                      4.48pm, Saturday 20th May 2006.
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                          Rough deal to the extent that she had an unhappy marriage and died young.

                          On all the other stuff, I'd say she did fairly well.

                          I have to admit, much as it bothers me, I do care. Not becuase of a fixation with her, but becuase I think it would be nice to know if there are people going about killing anybody who threatens to be a bit awkward.
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                            Originally posted by Dermot G
                            I'm with Fitzy on this.

                            She got a raw deal on life.

                            Raw deal? seriously?
                            It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.

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                              There are far more credible conspiracytheorys than this one. People get killed in accidents with drunk drivers all the time. If the British Intelligence Service masterminded the whole thing. Then they are cleverer then we give them credit for.