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    Originally posted by michael

    The sooner tougher sentences are introduced to this country the better. Life should mean Life and not out in 8/9 years on good behaviour.

    No sign yet of the massively increased and mandatory sentences for gun related crime. Anyone know if this is being enforced by the judges?

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      No point in surmising it's one group or another until we know/are sure. As for the murders in Dublin over the past 10 days - more savagery. Shooting is far too good for these guys.Even the guys who blasted Charlie Chawke's leg off and left him to bleed to death were handled far too leniently by the judicial process (they also fired on the cops). We need to give the cops more powers andI'm now coming round to bringing back the death penalty for occassions like this. Same issue surfacing in the Nally trial. Any chance we could get a squad of the Mutawwa over here for a while (think I'm joking? - no.).


        I am far from being a fan of the US, but you have to admire their justice system. I am not talking about the death penalty (which I am against) but when they say life they mean life. Also as Car54 said career criminals/recurrent criminals should be handed down tougher sentences, something like 3 strikes = longer sentences immediately.



          Originally posted by car54
          Its all about sentencing.Recidivist scumbags should be locked up permantly.I was in Court a few weeks ago(nothing serious)and a scobe was up for punching a pensioner in the face.Heclaimed he was addicted to coughbottle and lighter fuel and had been abondened by his parents.He got off with a suspended sentence.BTW he had 53 previous convictions.Therin lies the problem.He should have got 15 years minimum.[img]smileys/mad.gif[/img]

          Well said.

          Andwe also need to make prison a deterrent. 2 meals a day, hard labour, no mixing with visitors unless we have a continued period of good (i.e. perfect behaviour), no meth treatment - cold turkey and if they suffer they deserve it. Our jails have just become training grounds for the scumbags and many honest hard-working families don't eat as well as the few scumbags that have been caught/sentenced.


            Agree no wish to see the death penalty re-introduced. Howeverthe 3 strikes = life (25 years min) should be bought in. Would also be happy to see chain gangs out working on the streets and roads of Ireland. If your going to lock them up might as well ensure they do something useful.
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              If the Guards said it was knackers then it was knackers period....they don't say it for nothing....



                Would 3 strikes include drink driving, drunk and disorderly or violent assualts and burglary etc?? I am just curious as I would fully support such a policy.

                We have a 3rd world police force and a joke of a legal system in this country.


                  travellers or not,these people are the lowest form of knackers
                  g\'wan bruff!!

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                    Originally posted by UncleMonty

                    Would 3 strikes include drink driving, drunk and disorderly or violent assualts and burglary etc?? I am just curious as I would fully support such a policy.

                    We have a 3rd world police force and a joke of a legal system in this country.

                    Well anyone caught drinking and driving 3 times should be banned for life. Ditto for no insurance.My rule of thumb for the 3 strikes would start at assult, possession for supply, theft and recieving stolen goods.
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                      Our present policing and legal system is utterly failing in its duty to protect us , the citizens of this sorry state.

                      That is clear and indisputable , so what should be done?

                      I suggest that special powers should be given to our Gardai in dealing with ALL gangland/drug related crime such as the powers of conviction used to fight Sinn Fein/IRA in the 70's.

                      I'd even consider some form of internment in regard to known violent criminal gangs , it's got as bad as that.

                      And I know this seems like an Eoin O' Duffy , Fascistic suggestion , but so be it.


                        Originally posted by The Crimson King

                        Originally posted by ECSquared
                        To be fair I dont think this should be turned into another debate on travellers. Whatever their background one thing is clear, these people, the perpetrators are criminals and killing isnt good enough for them

                        But it's the word travellers that gets the public (collective) mouth foaming. Very little mention in the pressof the fella found tortured almost to death in a back lane in Inchicore last week, with his eyes gouged out (has been compared to the work of the Shankill Butchers) because there areno travellers involved.

                        thats not true, the article I posted was taken from the Independent and the murder you mentioned got just as much print space. There was one mention of travellers here, the reason anyones mouth should be foaming was the amount of savagery inflicted on completley innocent parties who were minding their own business. The fella in Inchicore was not an alter boy, it dosent condone what was done to him but you dance with the devil etc.

                        The concern is now (call it selfish if you like) is that the spiral of crime is now spilling over into "civilan" life. Criminals can kill eachother all they like so long as ordinary people get caught up in it, but thats naive in the extreme as they inevitably will.Take the murder on Tuesday. This may make the Government sit up and take notice. Here is what is needed in my humble opinion:

                        1. More Guards on the street. This is an age old cliche but its been provi time and time again in policing in the western world. Its how Bratton and Guliani won NYC back, cops everywhere. When you call them they show up fast and in force. This is only really going to be feasible in urban areas, but if its done there it can make a difference. This may force the criminals out into rural areas but with more resources they will be caught more often.

                        2. A judiciary with balls and a change in the law so that the scales are equally balanced. Irelands law is based on the premise that its much better to let guilty men go free then convinct one innocent man. I admire the principle but I dont think we can afford the luxury of it in our society today. legistlation needs to be changed so that the burden of proof isnt as onerous on the prosecution. The judicary then need to sentence and sentence stongly and stop their adversion to sending people to jail.

                        3. Improved prisons and more prison places. Obvious, you need somewhere to put people.
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                          Was talking to a guard and he told me that when they go to court to prosecute a criminal it seems that they (the guards) are on trial and not the criminals. He said you virtually have to catch them red handed on video camera for the accused to be found guilty otherwise the defense will win the case.

                          Also the revolving door system of Irish justice is an absolute joke. Surely there can be prison spaces found for these criminals.



                            Originally posted by ECSquared
                            thats not true, the article I posted was taken from the Independent and the murder you mentioned got just as much print space.

                            Thanks, I stand corrected. Everything else I agree with you on, though.
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                              If and when the people responsible for the various murders for the last week are caught, you'll see they have a list of prior convictions as long as your arm. They've been caught, brought before the courts and time and time again been treated with a level of respect and leniency there that they unfortunately do not demonstrate towards their victims. I agree with the earlier post regarding guards feeling like @@@@SPAN style="font-weight: bold;">they@@@@/SPAN> are the ones on trial when they go in to give evidence, faced with a combination of smart ass barristers and head in the clouds judges.
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                                Interesting tone coming out of some posts here - people calling for traffic offences to be treated the same as assault, violent robberyand murder.

                                Ties in with what was on the radio 2 days ago asI was driving. Gardai being seen to devote more time, resources and manpower to traffic offences than to combatting violence and organised crime. One politician summed it up nicely in saying that motorists were easier targets and that nicer stats could then be prepared for our minister for justice to produce. Makes one think a bit on where the priorities have got to. That's the same minister who pronounced a short time ago that all was in order and that a certain murder was the 'last sting of a dying wasp.'

                                Message is clear: In the eyes of Ireland's justice systen in 2006, it's OK to blast some innocent hard working person from this planet or rob him of whatever with violence, but if you exceed the speed limit you'll be pursued and prosecuted with the full vigour of the law.