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    Originally posted by Jackie Brown View Post

    I played the first, got half way through, ditched the PS3 for a PS4 and refused to buy it again for 50 odd quid. Went and repurchased last week (£15 on PS store) as didn't want to get the new game without completing the old. What.A.Game. Can't wait to finish it and get stuck into the new one.
    Definitely the right way to go. The plot and characters are as important a part of the game as the gameplay itself and I don't think you would appreciate what happens in Part 2 without knowing the background. There's a DLC called Left Behind that I would also recommend playing after you finish the first one. It's excellent.
    "It’s not the team you support, it’s the club you should support. The team on the pitch will ebb and flow because that’s the nature of sport. No team has ever been successful decade on decade. The club has the history and that’s the passion you should have."