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Sean Haughey gets the job

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    Sean Haughey gets the job

    Seems the threat to reconsider his future in politics did the trick[img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]

    Sean Haughey promoted to minister of state

    15:54 Tuesday December 12th 2006

    Sean Haughey was this afternoon promoted to Minister of State at the Department of Education.
    He succeeds Sile De Valera, who stepped down from Ministerial Office last Friday.

    The announcement was made by the Taoiseach in the Dail shortly after half past two this afternoon.

    Minister Haughey said he only found out about the promotion a short time before the official announcement

    "I got a message to go and see the Taoiseach at two o'clock today in his office, which I did, and that's the first I heard that I'm getting the job," he said

    "Obviously I'm delighted with the news, it's a great honour to be a minister for state and I'm looking forward to the challenge."

    Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale

    Whining b***h has got his way then.


      All done on the basis of ability as usual.





          Berties losing it.

          It's not a clever move for the next election , IMO.

          Its ignoring what the whole country knows about the Haughey initiated wave of political corruption , and the Haughey name is hugely disliked outside the Pale , but especially in Cork.

          Ifwe hadan opposition of any quality they would capitalise on it , but we haven't.


            New shirts please!