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Jedi knights wane, migrant religions grow

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    Jedi knights wane, migrant religions grow,2106,3892378a11,00.html

    Jedi knights wane, migrant religions grow
    08 December 2006

    Presbyterians and Anglicans have taken a hit, but immigration has contributed to a steady growth in the numbers of Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus.

    However, the force is waning for Jedi knights and Star Wars fans.

    The 2006 census shows Catholicism has recovered its numbers from a decline in the 1990s, gaining 22,800 followers between 2001 and 2006, taking it to 508,812.

    Catholic Communications national director Lyndsay Freer said migrants from eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region were at least partly to thank.

    Anglicans remain New Zealand's biggest religious grouping, but fell by almost 30,000 people to 554,925. Likewise, Presbyterian congregations fell by more than 30,000 people to 401,445.

    New Zealand now has 64,557 Hindus and 52,392 Buddhists. The groups have grown by 62 per cent and 26 per cent respectively.

    The Muslim population grew by 53 per cent to 36,150.

    The number of Kiwis with no religion has continued to climb - from 1,028,052 people in 2001 to 1,297,104 in 2006.

    And for those of you who were wondering what happened when you wrote down "Jedi", the cheeky reply was lumped into the "response outside scope" category.

    However, census general manager Nancy McBeth told The Dominion Post there were more than 20,200 followers of the force - down from 54,000 in 2001.

    Some religious groups were benefiting from migration more than others, she said.

    "I think it's going to be really interesting when we are able to compare religion by ethnicity."

    Ratana grew from 48,975 to 50,565 followers; Ringatu from 15,288 to 16,419.

    The number of people belonging to Pentecostal groups, such as Assemblies of God and Elim, also grew - by 18 per cent. They outnumber the Exclusive Brethren, which has 2316 members, Jewish people (6858 , Sikhs (9507) and Jehovah's Witnesses (17,910). New Zealand has 369 people who describe themselves as Hare Krishna, 1167 Satanists and 1386 Rastafarians.

    So there are nearly twice as many satanists as jews in NZ? scary!
    Romani ite Domun



      nope, feckin forum codes changed an 8 into [img]smileys/cool.gif[/img]


        Still, over a thousand satanists is alarming
        Romani ite Domun


          it sure is. I wonder how many satanists are in Ireland.


            the immigrants from the pacific islands would keep the numbers up,by and large they tend to be extremely religious
            g\'wan bruff!!

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              It is a bad time for the force. There is another.....


                Have to admit, on request from one of my sons I listed both of us as Jedi in the recent census. Be interesting to see if many more were that honest or stupid !!